Apple's next lawsuit victim

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Sam I Am, Sep 12, 2012.

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    A polish online grocery store. :facepalm:

    They are suing them because of the logo and because they also have the the url as a shorter option of .pl is for polish domains and as noted. This is a polish company. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:

    Apple is no longer a technology company. They are a lawsuit company.


    Forget Samsung, Apple now suing Polish grocery store for infringement

    Less than a month after being awarded more than a billion dollars by a US court at the conclusion of its US patent infringement trial with rival tech giant Samsung, Apple lawyers have now turned their attention to a Polish online grocery store. Yes, you read it right – a Polish grocery store.

    Before you scratch a large hole in your head wondering what on earth an online grocery store in Poland has to do with a company like Apple, keep in mind that it’s not just infringements relating to the design and technology of its mobile devices that Apple is concerned with.


    That logo doesn't look anything like an Apple's apple. :facepalm:

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    Wow, now that they won a big lawsuit against a major corporation I guess they think they could go after anybody. That logo looks nothing like Apple's and is not remotely close to apple, smh.
  3. BrAinPaiNt

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    Do you have an anti apple app on your phone that alerts you to these news articles concerning apple?

    First it was only Jobs that you did not like...over and over you would talk about how you don't dislike apple, just Jobs. Now jobs died and it continues.

  4. vta

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  5. Sam I Am

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    Curious? :confused: Are you blind or just choose not to look at what Apple is doing?

    Apple has officially become a patent troll. They are using patents to try and stifle their competition. The funniest thing about it is it will be patents that stifle them.

    They are using patents on things that they are using shouldn't even have been patentable. Then they turn around and use real patents without even paying royalties for using them.

    Apple has some balls doing what they are doing. They are completely insane in doing it. They have started a war they absolutely cannot win.

    I thought the idoicy would stop once Jobs was dead. It didn't. Jobs almost killed Apple back in the 80s. Even after dying he is still going to bring Apple down again. Super intelligent and visionary, but always way to much of a maniac to not destroy what he built.

    I don't want Apple to go away. I want them to operate with some type of ethics. They have no ethics. They are so worried about Android when they should be worried about their own products. If you do something well, you will have customers.

    You are watching a company cut their own throat. Google, Motorola, Samsung, and HTC are about crush Apple at their own game. Prior to Apples lawsuit idiocy, none of these companies acted this way towards each other. Now they are all united against Apple.
  6. BrAinPaiNt

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    I am not blind at all. I am just not obsessed with all things apple like you are.

    Do you even realize how obsessed with Apple you are?
  7. Jenky

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    Shush!!!! The Apple store is down.
  8. SweCowboy

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    I used to work for Sony Ericsson until last year and from my understanding by talking to some of the old timers from Ericsson there was a sort of gentlemans agreement among the mobile manufacturers that you used each others patents and sort of payed for the balance. Then in comes Apple and doesn't pay for anything and doesn't have any patents that was usable for the others. That's why Nokia sued them in 2009 if I remember correctly. That was probably the starting point of all of this silliness.

    I'm just happy that from what I have seen so far Apple will release a new phone that is more or less the same phone as the original iPhone once again. The UI looks to be virtually identical and no widgets in sight. The lack of innovation from Apple will be they're doom. Which I will take great pleasure in.
  9. CashMan

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    You would hope a big company like Google, or something like them, would take Apple on, and destroy them.
  10. Sam I Am

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    I'm not obsessed with Apple. They are encroaching on my freedoms. I'm very vocal about things I really dislike. There are two other subjects that I have very strong opinions about too that we cannot discuss here.

    When I was young, I kept all my opinions to myself. I didn't tread on anyone. When I became an adult, I noticed that since I didn't speak up. I never had a voice, so started causally injecting my opinion. That didn't help, people didn't care. They figured because I was soft spoken that my opinion didn't matter and would ignore it and I basically got walked on.

    When I was around 23/24 years old, it happened again and I ended up losing several thousand dollars because of it. That was the last time I didn't make my thoughts abundantly clear.

    If I have a stake in something. I will tell whomever what I think. If they do not listen, I will tell them again generally in a much more profound way. :D

    What Apple is doing, I do have a stake in. That stake is the *choice* they are attempting to take away from me. SCO did the same thing with Linux. They had my wrath too. Apple is making a choice and that choice affects my choice. You damn skippy they are on my **** list. That in no way means I'm obsessed.

    By definition obsession means that something dominates your thoughts. Apple does not dominate my thoughts. I bring up Apple, only when there is something interesting about Apple happening or when someone else is discussing Apple. If Apple dominated my thoughts, you would see posts every day about Apple. You do not. Go ahead. Use the search function or Google search. You will find weeks that I mention nothing about Apple.

    To me, I think several users here are obsessed with my wrath with Apple. It's a shame Spintopia is gone. You have yet to see my soapbox. :laugh2:
  11. tomson75

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    Curious indeed.
  12. BrAinPaiNt

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  13. tomson75

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  14. trickblue

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    Actually all of the carriers, makers and US Government are doing that by eavesdropping on calls, data and the like... all in the fine print...
  15. Sam I Am

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    This is true too. I have feelings about that also, though my feelings about this are pro and con. There is a fine line there. I know they overstep it, but I also know it has to exist for national security. Though we generally cannot discuss things like this here. Again, it's a shame Spintopia is gone. :)
  16. visionary

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    cue the x-files theme music :)

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