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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by xwalker, Apr 11, 2012.

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    Trade #14 for Lions #23 and #54.
    Trade #23 for Bucs #36 and #68.
    Trade #36 and #81 to Giants for #32 and #94.

    32 (1-32) OLB Shea McClellin
    Very good all around 3-4 SOLB prospect. Has experience in coverage in addition to rushing the passer and playing the run.

    45 (2-13) CB Josh Robinson
    Super athlete, not just a straight line speedster. Excellent ball skills. Decent size at 5-10, 199. Played mostly zone but has enough size and more than enough athleticism to play man.

    54 (2-22) OG Amini Silatolu
    Agressive OG prospect. Would be drafted higher if not for small school background.

    68 (3-5) OLB Bruce Irvin
    Super Athletic passrusher. Athleticism should allow him to develop as a coverage player. Considered undersized at 6-3, 245. Would play SOLB on passing downs and backup WOLB. Could get some reps at ILB also.

    94 (3-32) OC Philip Blake
    Underrated center with good size at 6-3, 311. Better than expected athleticism. Although he only benched 22 reps, he appears powerful in games and appears to have "heavy hands".

    113 (4-18) Ladarius Green
    I had to take a TE somewhere. I say use an OL as a blocking TE and draft a receiving TE that can block a little.

    135 (4-40) WR Ryan Broyles
    I usually prefer speedsters as slot WR / returner, but this is the exception. Broyles just has the "it" factor.

    152 (5-17) DE Akiem Hicks
    Big at 6-5, 318 with good athleticism and very long 35-1/8" arms. Attended college in Canada which pushed him down to the 5th round. Looked very good in the Shrine game and Shrine game practices.

    186 (6-16) ILB Miles Burris
    This guy plays all out all of the time. Would be 3-4 ILB. Good size at 6-2, 246 with 4.68 forty. Excellent in the bench (31), vert (37.5), and broad (10-1).

    222 (7-15) CB Coty Sensabaugh
    Looked good in college games. Decent size at 5'11-1/4", 190 with 4.42 forty, excellent agility numbers and vert.


    Desmond Marrow CB Toledo, 6-3, 210
    Big, fluid, physical with long arms. I see him as a possible FS.

    Cliff Harris CB Oregon, 5-11, 175
    Knucklehead and somehow only ran 4.59 forty; however, "video don't lie", this guy is a playmaker and excellent punt returner. I would say "film don't lie", but then an internet troll would pop up to tell me that what I'm watching is not game film. lol.

    Omar Bolden CB Arizone State, 5-11, 202
    Missed all of 2011 season with injury. Impressive 25 reps on the bench and good arm length at 31-1/2".

    Chris Greenwood CB, 6-1, 196
    Good size with good arm length at 31-1/4". Projected 4.3 forty. FYI - It appears Albion is somewhere in Michigan.

    Sammy Brown OLB
    Plays OLB in a 3-4 defense. Interesting physical abilities but needs some time/coaching.

    Kentrell Lockett OLB
    Super wingspan of 84". Good 1st step. Would be an OLB in the 3-4. Needs some time to develop.

    Delano Johnson OLB/ILB
    Intense. Plays with bad intentions. Good in the box and in the open field. Good size at 6-4, 267 with 34" arms. Played 4-3 OLB in college. Projects to 3-4 OLB or possibly 3-4 ILB.

    Chigbo Anunoby DE/DT
    Big at 6-4, 324. Has decent quickness.

    Charles Deas DE/DT
    Big at 6-3, 316 with 34-1/2" arms. Good quickness with some passrush ability.
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    I would take that for sure. I don't think you need the last trade, unless there are other intervening trades. McClellan's value is at least a round lower for 4-3 teams and there are only 4-3 teams plus Indy between 32 and 36. Indy has 3 guys at OLB in Freeney, Mathis and Hughes.
  3. xwalker

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    I agree. The last trade was just to avoid the "trading out of the 1st round is stupid comments". :laugh2:
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    Like it, substitute Robinson for Norman and we got a deal
  5. cowboysooner

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    Fair enough. Plus you get player 32 for 5 years and player 36 for 4, so there is that.
  6. Rack Bauer

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  7. xwalker

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    Funny, "this ain't madden" appears to be this guys one and only contribution to the draft zone.:lmao2:
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    I agree it's unrealistic and the board would absolutely flip out. The last time Jerry tried to outsmart the rest of the NFL by trading down we had the 2009 draft.

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