April 9 Mock Draft Results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thank you to all who participated. It was a blast. I think the steal of the draft went to San Fran with the #137 pick.

    ROUND 1:

    1. San Francisco- Braylon Edwards WR (Michigan)
    2. Miami- Ronnie Brown RB (Auburn)
    3. Cleveland- Mike Williams WR (USC)
    4. Chicago- Alex Smith QB (Utah)
    5. Tampa Bay- Carnell Willliams RB (Auburn)
    6. Tennessee- Antrel Rolle CB (Miami)
    7. Minnesota- Derrick Johnson OLB (Texas)
    8. Arizona- Cedric Benson RB (Texas)
    9. Washington- Shawne Merriman DE (Maryland)
    10. Detroit- Aaron Rodgers QB (Calaifornia)
    11. Atlanta- David Pollack DE (Georgia)
    12. San Diego- Alex Barron OT (Florida State)
    13. Houston- Troy Williamson WR (South Carolina)
    14. Pittsburgh- Adam Jones CB (West Virginia)
    15. Kansas City- Carlos Rogers CB (Auburn)
    16. Green Bay- Thomas Davis S (Georgia)
    17. Cincinatti- Erasmus James DE (Wisconsin)
    18. Baltimore- Mark Clayton WR (Oklahoma)
    19. St. Louis- Khalif Barnes OT (Washington)
    20. Dallas- Marcus Spears DE (LSU)
    21. Jacksonville- Jammal Brown OT (Oklahoma)
    22. Indianapolis- Travis Johnson DT (Florida State)
    23. Seattle- Demarcus Ware DE (Troy State)
    24. Green Bay- Heath Miller TE (Virginia)
    25. New Orleans- Antajj Hawthorne DT (Wisconsin)
    26. NY Jets- Justin Miller CB (Clemson)
    27. Baltimore- Shaun Cody DT (USC)
    28. San Diego- Roddy White WR (UAB)
    29. Minnesota- Dan Cody DE (Oklahoma)
    30. Carolina- Luis Castillo DT (Northwestern)
    31. Philadelphia- Marlin Jackson CB (Michigan)
    32. New England- David Bass OG/C (Michigan)

    ROUND 2:

    33. San Francisco- Corey Webster CB (LSU)
    34. Cleveland- Odell Thurman ILB (Georgia)
    35. Philadelphia- Matt Jones WR (Arkansas)
    36. Tampa Bay- Elton Brown OG (Virginia)
    37. Cincinatti- Kevin Burnett OLB (Tennessee)
    38. Oakland- Matt Roth DE (Iowa)
    39. Chicago- Alex Smith TE (Stanford)
    40. Chicago- Justin Tuck DE (Notre Dame)
    41. Detroit- Brodney Pool S (Oklahoma)
    42. Dallas- Darryl Blackstock OLB (Virginia)
    43. New Orleans- Channing Crowder ILB (Florida)
    44. Arizona- Fabian Washington CB (Nebraska)
    45. Carolina- Marcus Johnson OG (Mississippi)
    46. Kansas City- Chric Canty DE (Virginia)
    47. Houston- Chris Spencer OG (Mississippi)
    48. Tennessee- Terrence Murphy WR (Texas A&M)
    49. Minnesota- Reggie Brown WR (Georgia)
    50. St. Louis- Josh Bullocks S (Nebraska)
    51. Philadelphia- Ciatrick Fason RB (Florida)
    52. Jacksonville- Eric Green CB (Virginia Tech)
    53. Minnesota- Mike Nugent K (Ohio State)
    54. Seattle- Michael Boley OLB (Souther Miss)
    55. Buffalo- Adam Terry OT (Syracuse)
    56. NY Giants- Brandon Browner CB (Oregon State)
    57. NY Jets- Jonathan Babineaux DT (Iowa)
    58. Seattle- Vincent Jackson WR (Northern Colorado)
    59. Dallas- Barrett Ruud ILB (Nebraska)
    60. Indianapolis- Mike Patterson DT (USC)
    61. San Diego- Jerome Mathis WR (Hampton)
    62. Carolina- Chris Henry WR (West Virginia)
    63. Philadelphia- Sione Pouha DT (Utah)
    64. New England- Robert McCune ILB (Louisville)

    ROUND 3:

    65. San Francisco- Eric Shelton RB (Louisville)
    66. St. Louis- Bryant McFadden CB (Florida State)
    67. Cleveland- Jason Campbell QB (Auburn)
    68. Tennessee- Charlie Frye QB (Akron)
    69. Oakland- Rian Wallace OLB (Temple)
    70. Miami- Ben Wilkerson (LSU)
    71. Tampa Bay- Fred Gibson WR (Georgia)
    72. Detroit- C.J. Brooks OG (Maryland)
    73. Houston- Logan Mankins OG (Fresno State)
    74. New Orleans- Wesley Britt OT (Alabama)
    75. Arizona- Stanley Wilson CB (Stanford)
    76. Washington- Ronald Bartell CB (Howard)
    77. Denver- Adrian McPherson QB (Florida State)
    78. Houston- Ernest Shazor S (Michigan)
    79. Carolina- Vernanad Morency RB (Oklahoma State)
    80. Arizona- C.J. Mosley DT (Missouri)
    81. St. Louis- Bill Swancutt DE (Oregon State)
    82. NY Giants- Courtney Roby WR (Indiana)
    83. Cincinatti- Atiyyah Ellison DT (Missouri)
    84. NY Giants- Andrew Walter QB (Arizona State)
    85. Seattle- Antonio Perkins CB (USC)
    86. Buffalo- Anthony Bryant DT (Alabama)
    87. Jacksonville- Marion Barber RB (Minnesota)
    88. NY Jets- Donte Nicholson S (Oklahoma)
    89. Green Bay- Lance Mitchell ILB (Oklahoma)
    90. Atlanta- Vincent Fuller S (Virginia Tech)
    91. Tampa Bay- Chris Colmer OG (North Carolina State)
    92. Minnesota- J.J. Arrington RB (California)
    93. Pittsburgh- Darren Sproles RB (Kansas State)
    94. Denver- Craphonso Thorpe WR (Florida State)
    95. Minnesota- Chris Kemoeatu OG (Utah)
    96. Tennessee- Jovan Haye DE (Vanderbilt)
    97. Denver- Jamaal Brimmer S (UNLV)
    98. Seattle- Ryan Moats RB (Louisiana Tech)
    99. Kansas City- Kirk Morrison ILB (San Diego State)
    100. New England- Roscoe Parrish WR (Miami)
    101. Denver- Darrent Williams CB (Oklahoma State)

    ROUND 4:

    102. San Francisco- Evan Mathis (Alabama)
    103. Cleveland- Jonathan Goddard DE (Marshall)
    104. Miami- Dan Orlovsky QB (UConn)
    105. Oakland- Kevin Everitt TE (Miami)
    106. Chicago- Claude Terrell OG (New Mexico)
    107. Tampa Bay- J.R. Russell WR (Louisville)
    108. Tennessee- Michael Munoz OT (Tennessee)
    109. Dallas- Brandon Jacobs RB (Southern Illinois)
    110. NY Giants- Marcus Lawrence ILB (South Carolina)
    111. Dallas- Oshiomogho Atogwe S (Stanford)
    112. Washngton- Vince Carter C (Oklahoma)
    113. Detroit- Ray Willis OT (Florida State)
    114. Houston- Alfred Fincher ILB (UConn)
    115. Carolina- Adam Snyder OT (Oregon)
    116. Kansas City- Mark Bradley WR (Oklahoma)
    117. St. Louis- Lofa Tatupu OLB (USC)
    118. Baltimore- Trent Cole DE (Cincinatti)
    119. Tennesse- Kay Jay Harris RB (West Virginia)
    120. Baltimore- Dustin Colquitt P (Tennessee)
    121. Denver- Eric Moore DE (Florida State)
    122. Buffalo- Craig Bragg WR (UCLA)
    123. Jacksonville- Richie Incognito C (Nebraska)
    124. Minnesota- Ronald Fields DT (Mississippi State)
    125. Green Bay- Kyle Orton QB (Purdue)
    126. Minnesota- James Butler S (Georgia Tech)
    127. NY Jets- Larry Brackins WR (Pearl River CC)
    128. Atlanta- Pete McMahon OT (Iowa)
    129. Indianapolis- T.A. McClendon RB (North Carolina State)
    130. San Diego- Dominique Foxworth CB (Maryland)
    131. Pittsburgh- Will Matthews FB (Texas)
    132. Philadelphia- Dan Buenning OG (Wisconsin)
    133. New England- Gerald Sensabaugh S (North Carolina)
    134. St. Louis- Joel Dressen TE (Colorado State)
    135. Indianapolis- Sean Considine S (Iowa)
    136. Tennessee- Scott Young OG (Brigham Young)

    137. San Francisco- OT Sam Lightbody (Washington State) lol
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    1: Derrick Johnson
    2: Dan Cody
    3: Reggie Brown
    4: Mike Nugent
    5: J.J. Arrington
    6: Chris Kemoeatu
    7: Ronald Fields
    8: James Butler

    8 picks in 4 rounds

    Miinesota's draft >>> Your draft :D
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    1. Demarcus Ware DE
    2. Ryan Moats RB
    3. Vincent Jackson WR
    4. Michael Boley OLB
    5. Antonio Perkins CB

    (cost me one 3rd rounder from next year's draft)
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    New England Patriots
    1) David Bass G/C Michigan
    2) Robert McCune ILB Louisville
    3) Roscoe Parrish WR/ST Miami
    4) Gerald Sensabaugh S North Carolina

    Stayed Pat and let the draft come to me.

    David Bass- vesatile type of Olineman that NE likes. I remember the year that NE was ravaged with injury and could use the depth. You can't go wrong with an Olineman from Michigan. People considered David Bass a second rounder, so i took him in the high second round.

    Robert McCune- Bruschi is up in the air, not sure if he will be back after the stroke. McCune has the size of a Patriot LB with the speed and athleticism lacks at the position. Guy has a tremendous upside and should be coachable for Bill.

    Roscoe Parrish- Not sure if Troy Brown will be back with the team, but guy is getting up there in age. Parrish gives the Patriots a special teams threat as well as another wr for those 5 wr sets. He will have to gain a little wieght to take the NFL abuse, but i love this guys big play ability.

    Gerald Sensabaugh- After watching the Eagles game i looked at Bill's face as it was disgust at the blown coverage by Dexter Reid. A good depth pickup and was the BPA at that point in the draft.
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    Saints stayed true to the ideals of the draft in trying to improve the overall team. All these Players can step in and start and be an impact on the game.

    Round 1. Anttaj Hawthorne DT 04 The saints had only 3 sacks from its starting DT's not including the games Howard Played DT.

    Round 2. Channing Crowder ILB\OLB If he stays healthy will be one of the best LB's in the draft

    Round 3. Wesley Britt OT One of if not the best OT in the draft his drop in rankings is more from a Broken Leg in 03 and another at the senior bowl 04 than ability.

    Hawthorne took over as a starter late in his true freshman season in 2001 and was a fulltime starter from that point on. As a junior in 2003, he finished with 75 tackles, 20 tackles for loss, four sacks and two forced fumbles. He finished his career at Wisconsin with 41-consecutive starts and had another impressively productive season as a senior in 2004, finishing with 42 total tackles, 11.5 TFL, six sacks and one INT, despite facing nearly constant double-team attention. Hawthorne is a "boom-or-bust" prospect. He is a powerful defensive tackle prospect with great size, good strength and above average quickness.

    Crowder was only a sophomore but he is eligible for the 2005 draft because he took a year off after graduating from high school to rehabilitate a knee injury. Crowder completed his career with 179 tackles, 13.5 of which were for a loss. He also had two sacks, recovered three fumbles, forced two fumbles and had one interception. In 2003, he led the nation in tackles by a freshman with 106. In 2004, Crowder played in nine games and finished third on the squad in tackles with 73. He has had trouble staying healthy -- knee injury in high school and arch injury that cost him playing time in 2004.

    Britt Has a massive frame and the room to continue to get bigger. He is a consistent player with good toughness, competitiveness and leadership skills. Is an extremely hard worker on and off the field. Is passionate about the game and will continue to work to improve. He is one of the best run-blocking OT's in this class and he can only improve with added bulk. He has adequate initial quickness coming out of his stance as a run blocker. He takes excellent angles, is almost always in very good position, and shows explosive initial pop. He has strong arms and does a very good job of locking on and driving through his blocks. Plays with a mean streak and gives a great effort when working to sustain. He has a terrific wingspan in pass pro. Has adequate quickness in his pass pro set. Plays with good leverage and balance. Has long and strong arms to keep separation. Does a good job of sustaining in pass pro once he has locked on.
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    Your Dallas Cowboys:

    #20 - Marcus Spears, DE, LSU
    #42 - Daryl Blackstock, OLB, Virginia
    #59 - Barrett Ruud, ILB, Nebraska
    #109 - Brandon Jacobs, RB, Southern Illinois
    #111 - Oshiomogho Atogwe - S, Stanford
    2006 1st round pick from Baltimore
    2006 2nd round pick from Atlanta
    2006 2nd round pick from Minnesota
    2006 5th round pick from Baltimore
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    Jacksonville Jaguars:
    1. Jammal Brown, OT, Oklahoma
    2. Eric Green, CB, Virginia Tech
    3. Marion Barber III, RB, Minnesota
    4. Richie Incognito C/G, Nebraska
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    Thomas Davis - S
    Heath Miller - TE
    Lance Mitchell - LB
    Kyle Orton - QB
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    Hey guys, I just want to applaud you guys for your efforts this past week. It was very interesting to observe.

    I guess the only team that seemed to throw me for a loop was SF not picking a QB in the first four rounds. I figured after Edwards overall, that they'd address it in the second. Seemed the most logical to me.

    But overall, awesome effort.:clap2:
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    I thought Detroit taking a QB was a stretch in 1 and not a good move for that franchise.
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    Tennesse Titans:

    # 6 CB Antrel Rolle, Miami
    # 48 WR Terrence Murphy, Texas A&M
    # 68 QB Charlie Frye, Akron
    # 96 DE Jovan Haye, Vanderbilt
    #108 T Michael Munoz, Tennessee
    #119 RB Kay-Jay Harris, West Virginia
    #136 G Scott Young, BYU

    Gained Cincinnati's 3rd next year in exchange for Tennessee's 4th.

    Got some good value and filled a lot of holes with young talent.
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    Yeah, but in essence it's the same scenario as SD last year. You got Brees who hadn't shown them anything, so they draft Rivers. In this case, Harrington has not completely given them any confidence and though you would think they'd give a high-round QB more time, time is not a given in this league.
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    Fair enough -
    Reflects poorly on mgmt to draft a franchise QB round one twice in three drafts......

    There were other impact players that Detroit could have drafted. Rodgers will be #3 on their depth chart.....
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    I know you disapprove of the move, Nors. But I haven't met a Lions fan yet who wasn't thrilled by it!

    They're fed up with Harrington.

    Solved their safety woes with Pool in the second, and worked on the OL in the next two rounds.

    I'm very happy with their draft.

    You had a nice draft, BTW.
  15. Danny White

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    Bingo, WG. Leading up to the draft, I read where the Lions were thinking of moving up to grab Alex Smith. As it turned out, they drafted the top QB in the draft and didn't need to move up a spot.

    At that point in the draft, I thought Rodgers was a much better value than anyone at the safety, OT, or defensive end positions.
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    Dallas gave up to much in this draft and did not get enough back.
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    San Francisco 49ers draft was interesting, but not nearly as creative as many of the others. I was able to have input on the picks until round four, but thought that Mathis was a value pick at that point.

    1. San Francisco- Braylon Edwards WR (Michigan)
    33. San Francisco- Corey Webster CB (LSU)
    65. San Francisco- Eric Shelton RB (Louisville)
    102. San Francisco- Evan Mathis (Alabama)

    137. San Francisco- OT Sam Lightbody (Washington State) lol

    I probably "asked" for that pick as I was trying to goad Cobra into a "Super Sleeper" pick. Serves me right.

    I was torn between taking Shelton or McPherson in round three as I do see the 49ers as needing QB help. I'm not convinced that Rodgers or Smith are good value that early in the draft. Frankly, I'm not sure any of the first rounders are worth the #1 over all.Some of you guys get to wrestle with the issue again this coming weekend. It will be interesting to follow along. Just remember to have fun with it.

    Again, my thanks to everyone involved, especially Avery and CBZ40. My apologies to Cobra and whoever else's draft board I screwed up. Trust me guys, the real draft may mess with our minds yet again. :)
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    He was our mr irrelevant
  19. Phrozen Phil

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    I beg to differ:

    #20 - Marcus Spears, DE, LSU
    #42 - Daryl Blackstock, OLB, Virginia
    #59 - Barrett Ruud, ILB, Nebraska
    #109 - Brandon Jacobs, RB, Southern Illinois
    #111 - Oshiomogho Atogwe - S, Stanford
    2006 1st round pick from Baltimore
    2006 2nd round pick from Atlanta
    2006 2nd round pick from Minnesota
    2006 5th round pick from Baltimore

    We get three starters, possibly four, if Atogwe pans out. Spears is versatile enough to play either a 3-4 or 4-3 end. The two LB's provide the flexibility to shift to either scheme. Jacobs provides the backup RB who will be able to be a power runner. If there's a weaknes in these selections, then we might point to the lack of a WR. Let's keep in mind that the Cowboys would still have picks in three more rounds in a draft that is deep in WR's.

    The real value in this mock are the early picks in the 2006 draft. Rankly, if the Cowboys were to really pull this off, it would be a dream. 4 picks in the first 64 picks would provide some incredible ammunition and allow for a host of options.

    Not enough back? What were you expecting? :confused:
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    I agree.
    While the Cowboy fan in me would like to see another "Big Name" guy drafted by Dallas to take the field immediately... you have to remember that Dallas had only 4 picks in these 4 rounds initially.
    Avery parlayed those 4 picks into 5 potential starters at positions of need and 4 draft picks next year.

    Turned 4 picks into 9 picks and only 1 is post-4th rounder. Under this outcome, Dallas has 2 first rounders, 3 second rounders, 1 third rounder, 1 4th rounder and 2 5th rounders in 2006. not bad.
    Not bad at all. Good job Avery.

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