Aqib Talib

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by dboy214, May 20, 2011.

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    Oh boy, some people.

    Im pretty sure hes going to jail. Haha

    what a thread. I needed some serious laughter and this thread worked! Thank you
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    that is what you get when someone thinks Madden is the real world
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    Aqib Talib has been a heck of a player for having just been in the league a few years, it's unfortunate that he has such off the field problems or he would be looking at possibly seeing multiple pro bowls down the line.

    Given that hes already been arrested for battery and has had a warrant out for his arrest on a felony assault with a deadly weapon charge it seems like hes already begun the self-destruct sequence on his career in the league.

    If hes released it is because he has become so toxic the Bucs can't dear with him any more and if that is the case then we wouldn't want any part of him.
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    Good advice- post less
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    if you listen closely instead of assuming, Garrett is always preaching accountability, work ethic, toughness BETWEEN THE LINES and ON THE PRACTICE FIELD. he rarely mentions off the field behavior. some of the hardest working, most physical, successful teams in the league have character issues off the field (giants, jets, ravens)....i'm not advocating bad behavior, but it does not necessarily reflect on the team's overrall success. Aqib is a STUD, who brings it on the field unlike our pansy quitter Jenkins. plus you know he will take more pride and responsibility in playing for his childhood team. i guess i'm more forgiving than yall.
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    Two things which you're assuming instead of acknowledging is: 1) the general manager did not want Aqib Talib on draft day, for reasons which the young man has since reenforced to the point where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are about to cut him; and 2) the head coach is a highly intelligent individual who is well-aware of those reasons being:
    • fighting at the Rookie Symposium
    • attacking one teammate with his helmet and striking another with it
    • arrested for assaulting a cab driver while the cab was still in motion
    • accumulating multiple team fines for varying reasons
    • arrested for aggravated assault while using a firearm
    So, Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett are supposed to just forgive-and-forget the exact kind of events which took Talib off the draftboard? Because he would suddenly change his violent behavior after being added to Dallas' roster?

    Methinks you're asking an incredible amount of leeway from Garrett, in particular. Talib didn't help your inclination for this happening by being involving in a shooting inside the surrounding Dallas area a couple of months ago either. That's kinda like him calling and saying, "Hey coach! I'm in the neighborhood! Could we talk about me joining your team after my old team cuts me for continuingly violating the league's personal conduct policy? Wait. Hold on for a sec coach. I see someone who I gotta pop a cap in right now. I'll holler back later!"
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    someone living in madden world needs to occasionally see what the REAL world looks like.
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    In addition to all the above reasons DallasEast gave, the guy is likely going to be in jail. It will be difficult for him to play CB from there.
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    214 thinks you can play football for the NFL while in jail. Madden again.
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    NO !!!!

    any questions?
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    Not sure how to take this?????:huh:

    I don't know if you are laughing at my post or that he might be going to jail
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    Please don't quote him. I have him on ignore.
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    Garrett, probably told him, "Listen don't hang up I'm intrigued by your prospect, just give the gun to your mom and she'll handle the situation."
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    Apprently, they removed him from their draft board that season.
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    However, it is a good time to mention that the Madden franchise could benefit from adding character risks into the game. Just a thought...might make Franchise mode more interesting. :)
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    Pretty sure he's already been released for this exact reason.
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    We'd have the most feared secondary in the league ... off the field.
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    Sequel to the Longest Yard?

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