Archer: Insiders not high on Cowboys' work so far

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Alexander, Mar 27, 2014.

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    agree with you mostly but it is extremely important for the team to draft smart

    the DL and safety positions need a LOT of work
    LB may also be a need
    Still need at least one good OL from the draft (not a throw away 7th rd pick)

    a lot of work still to be done that can be done if we make good decisions
  2. BrAinPaiNt

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    When I read articles from Some of the dallas local and espn writers make me think of this...

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  3. starfrombirth

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    That's really apples and oranges isn't it? We couldn't afford to keep him, at least not keep him and still improve our situation going forward. The improvement process had to start somewhere. Unfortunately it really started with Ware and to some extent Hatcher. If we had somehow, someway kept them those same people would have ridiculed Jerry and the cowboys for not doing something about an aging dline with declining players. Just like Hostile said... it's a lose lose situation with some people.
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  4. stasheroo

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    I appreciate the fact that they're showing financial restraint.

    What I can't yet tell is if they're doing it because they've learned and have a true plan, or if they're just stuck doing it because messed up the cap to this point.

    Either way, I'm glad to see it.

    Now I just hope for a home run of a draft, specifically upgrading the trenches on both sides of the ball.
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  5. stasheroo

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    I just see two sides of bias.
    One side with nothing bad to say, the other with nothing good to say.

    Two wrongs not making a right.

    I miss Albert Breer.
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  6. morasp

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    They have a point if we get to the season opener and haven't addressed our deficiencies. It's too soon to judge though.
  7. stasheroo

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    And, conversely, it's a win-win situation with others as well.

    Whatever the Cowboys do is great, whatever they don't do is also great.

    If they had signed Jared Allen, awesome! If they didn't, he's an old, declining player and the Bears overpaid.

    Two sides to that coin.
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  8. RS12

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    Obviously they are not on the Cowboy payroll. Not signing guys on the wrong side of 30 to bad contacts is 100% the right move. Too bad it only took two and a half decades for this stunning revelation.
  9. jterrell

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    Why would you grade an off-season before the draft and with free agency only half over?

    Oh, yea, for page reads in a down time not realistic or pertinent football discussion.
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  10. Doomsday101

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  11. starfrombirth

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    That may be true but the vast majority of fans can differentiate between positive and negative moves made by the team. I know that I'm not the only one that can say we have made positive moves this offseason while regretting the management that made us get rid of an icon like Ware and another productive piece like Hatcher. I have a question tho, in regards to the moves we made. . . is there any team in the NFL that has 19 million / yr tied up in two over 30 players and further, 1 of them coming off two injury riddled declining years? If someone can tell me where to look, I will go do the research but I bet you there isn't a single one yet so many want to criticize the Cowboys front office for not doing just exactly that.
  12. big dog cowboy

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    It's all about instant gratification these days. You read in here we have xyz as a starting DL next year and we are going to be much worse blah blah blah. 10 minutes later we sign Melton and suddenly everything has changed. I've said it a million times already this month - it's only March.
  13. stasheroo

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    Positive and negative is largely subjective.

    One fan's opinion might say it's positive, while another think it's negative.

    No absolutely right or wrong answer, but more perspective.

    I'll reiterate my feelings that I think they're doing more right than wrong thus far, given the circumstances.

    My question is are they doing it because they want to, or because they have to?
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  14. Bowdown27

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    I'd rather win the draft then win in free agency
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  15. Rockytop6

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    Then I know we are on the right track. I give them a D grade at best and an F at worst.
  16. starfrombirth

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    I believe it's a little of both. I'm firmly convinced Jerry would've loved to keep Ware but he knew that he couldn't meet Ware's obligation and still be financially sound going forward. For Hatcher he was meh but I believe letting Ware go made him cry.
  17. Denim Chicken

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    Well, if the guys at ESPN think so it must be true.
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  18. Maxmadden

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    They could have resigned Ware and Hatcher, but how do you cut an aging HOF fan favorite and save face?

    Pretend like you had to do it. Your exactly right they CHOSE.
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  19. HoosierCowboy

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    Archer reports what they say--I don't care what they say; we have done exactly what we needed to do. Every team takes a different test in the off-season; we can't grade them with the same answer key. We did not sign any too-expensive old guys and got rid of three, I give us an A.. Maybe we failed the course before, but this year we pass.
  20. jazzcat22

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    The media is also the judge and jury as well as the messenger...they control the BS....spin it the way it suits themselves. So yes, the messenger needs killed.
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