Archer: Insiders not high on Cowboys' work so far

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Alexander, Mar 27, 2014.

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    You know..

    as far as our DBs not having positive impacts on the defense..

    ..this has been going on for some time..

    all the way back to Terrance Newman and Roy Williams and others..

    They come here..

    initially play well then decline quickly.

    So I don't know why but..

    this has been an ongoing quest involving high draft pics and failed results

  2. Mansta54

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    You're referrencing a brain? Really! Wow!!
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    I don't think it's old fashioned, just a matter of opinion.

    Some fans see it as a responsibility to always see the positive, while other fans don't.

    No right or wrong way to do it.
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    He doesn't have one, and he doesn't know diddly squat about football.
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    Not when you make up facts to cherry pick. Last 4 seasons we went 6-10, 8-8, 8-8, 8-8. No playoff appearances, no playoff victories.

    100% untrue.

    Me: "Hey guys, I think Jadeveon Clowney is going to be the first overall pick."

    You: "The sky is blue."

    So you see... this is true, but not relevant.
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    I wonder how high insiders are on Philly's off-season now.
  7. MichaelWinicki

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    Probably will up their grade by another letter.
  8. Ntegrase96

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    Eagles are the sexy pick (15 years running)
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    No more educated than I am. Or are you more because of your particular stance?
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  10. MikeT22

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    And then zero playoff wins in the previous 13 years. Jerry as GM and replacing Jimmy with his puppet HC's really paid off.
  11. ccb04

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    The vast majority of mediots didn't like the Frederick pick following the trade down that ultimately netted Williams either.

    The Cowboys had the worst defense in franchise history with Hatcher & Ware on the team...and Hatcher having a career year. I was hoping Ware would take a pay cut & stay, but the Broncos ponied up $20 million in guaranteed money...something the Cowboys simply couldn't -- and shouldn't -- have done. Melton replaced Hatcher. A healthy Ware's production isn't easily replaced. But will the aging vet finally stay healthy after 2 injury plagued seasons? Even John Fox acknowledged it's a risk. But I do wish him the best.

    Austin simply couldn't stay healthy & was making a bunch of money. One could argue quality depth is a bit more of an issue with his release...but he can't help much if not consistently on the field.
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    I think Campo was the biggest problem. He wanted our guys off the man and then react to the WR instead of the ball. It wasn't until Jenkins went against Campo that he started playing well.

    I think Kiffin wanted to run a more aggressive SEA type defense, but injuries throttled the whole D. With no pressure they were forced to play more zone and an inexperienced and over-matched Wilcox and Heath were abused. Carr and Claiborne can cover, but only for so long.

    I do look forward to seeing Carr and Claiborne playing more press or man coverage and I think Wlicox can make a big improvement with another year's camp. People say cover corners are a waste in the Tampa 2, but I don't expect them to run that with Marinelli taking over.
  13. RonSpringsdaman20

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    I expected the draft to be where the cowboys re-tooled at. Did not expect much out of free-agencey, unless the deal was team friendly... like Melton's.
    Most free agents you have to over-pay, and the cowboys financially are not in that position.

    The Draft will be where I judge our offseason success.
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  14. Risen Star

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    The draft will not be enough to compete next year. Nor should you enter the draft with the mindset that you need to fill holes and get instant impact.
  15. skinsscalper

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    I'm not sure that I agree that the draft won't be enough to compete next year. I don't think we'll compete for a Super Bowl (if that's what you mean. At that point I would agree) but I think with help from the draft and (hopefully) more luck in the injury department that we can compete for the division.

    This "rebuild" of the defense is going to take more than one draft and one off-season. We don't have the cap flexibility to do it any other way than through the draft and frugal FA moves. I applaud the approach whether it's intentional or through mitigating circumstances. I can't count how many times I've seen posts on here from people just wanting to "blow the whole thing up" and rebuild. Well, to blow the WHOLE thing up just isn't realistic but it looks like they have "blown up" the defensive side of the ball. Rightfully so. They've been the oldest, least productive group on the team. I don't think a lot of the posters (not you) have the patience for an actual blow up and rebuild. A lot of the same guys that were advocating a blow up are now in freak out mode because we, somehow, didn't manage to land Allen or bring in a guy like Ayers.
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    Considering the offseason isn't over for almost 4 months AFTER the draft I'm not sure that is the best guage to use.
  17. Risen Star

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    I don't see why not. The offseason acquisition process will be over except for June 1st which never amounts to anything and signing players who weren't good enough to make other rosters in the preseason.
  18. RonSpringsdaman20

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    I agree. I don't see this as a one year project... but sometimes things click faster than they are supposed.
  19. RonSpringsdaman20

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    maybe you're right. but I hope they get the skill and athleticism needed to continue to build in the draft.
  20. SilverStarCowboy

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    Dallas could be 2 good DLs, 2 capable LBs and a starting Safety away from being a contender.

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