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News: Archer: Maybe year too late, but right moves made

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Risen Star

    Risen Star Likes Collector Zone Supporter

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    By Todd Archer

    IRVING, Texas -- At the end of the disastrous 2010 season two of the Cowboys biggest problem areas were the secondary and offensive line. A year later, they remain problem areas but this time the Cowboys will do something they hope rectifies the problems.

    In addition to the expected changeover in personnel in 2012, the Cowboys will have a change in assistant coaches, too, with Bill Callahan and Jerome Henderson replacing Hudson Houck and Dave Campo.

    The changes had to be difficult on Jason Garrett because of his personal relationships with Houck and Campo that go back to his playing days with the Cowboys.

    But at some point you have to cut the cord.

    By not renewing the deals for Houck and Campo, Garrett severed ties to the teams Super Bowl teams of the 1990s and brought in two coaches with no real ties to his playing or coaching days.

    It takes some guts to go with guys you know only on reputation or on the recommendations of others.

    Callahan has an excellent reputation as an offensive line coach. Henderson, who played for Bill Parcells with New England and the New York Jets, was on the Cowboys’ wish last year but Cleveland blocked the move. He was the only defensive assistant to remain under new coach Pat Shurmur’s staff.

    Why did these moves happen today?

    Tuesday marked the end of the seven-day grace period teams have in attempting to keep coaches whose contracts had run out after the 2011 season.

  2. stasheroo

    stasheroo Well-Known Member

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    I applaud the moves, but the 'year too late' comment has some merit.
  3. dwight

    dwight Well-Known Member

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    I agree. Now Dallas needs to bring some good, solid, young and hungry veterans in free agency. Then they can take BPA (Guard, Cornerback, Safety, or OLB) in the Draft.
  4. Chocolate Lab

    Chocolate Lab Run-loving Dino

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    LOL at the idea that it takes "guts" to interview and hire the best man for the job rather than simply going with an old crony.
  5. jobberone

    jobberone Right turn Clyde Staff Member

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    Garrett was friends with HH and Campo. That had to have been very difficult esp considering how long they worked together.
  6. Randy White

    Randy White Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

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    " some " ? more like " ALOT "..
  7. Doomsay

    Doomsay Well-Known Member

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    I know, it's kind of the definition of basic business practices.
  8. Joe Rod

    Joe Rod When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

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    I suspect that Ryan wanted to wait for his guy to come free, so they decided to roll with Campo for a year rather than trying to hire a stop-gap.
  9. arglebargle

    arglebargle Well-Known Member

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    Originally Posted by Chocolate Lab
    "LOL at the idea that it takes "guts" to interview and hire the best man for the job rather than simply going with an old crony."

    Apparantly, you guys have worked at very different businesses than I have.
  10. CCBoy

    CCBoy Well-Known Member

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    Care to try on the Post Office today? :)
  11. mldardy

    mldardy Well-Known Member

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    Spare me with the year too late crap. The two we hired weren't available a year ago and now they are. It's not a year too late.
  12. 2much2soon

    2much2soon Active Member

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    I was rolling my eyes about those, too. Corporate America loves the phrase "we hired the 'best fit' for the team."

    That is code for "we are hiring our buddy".
  13. slomoxn

    slomoxn Well-Known Member

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    On Callahan yes, but they also said they tried to get the DB coach last year but the move was blocked by Cleveland. At least they tried to change out Campo last year, and as someone else had said maybe after what they tried did not happen he was the best option for the job.

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