News: Archer: Minicamp observations: Ben Bass' day - 06/12/13

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    Jun 13
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    By Todd Archer |

    IRVING, Texas – One offseason practice is left before the Cowboys break until training camp, but here is a review of what happened on Wednesday at Valley Ranch:

    ** Dez Bryant was featured in a blog post Wednesday afternoon, but the most dominant defensive player in the workout? How about DT Ben Bass? The second-year defensive lineman was all over the field, penetrating, getting to the quarterback for a sack, blowing up running plays and even forcing an interception. On the pick, Bass tipped a QB Kyle Orton pass into the air, which allowed DT Sean Lissemore to come down with the turnover. Later on the goal line he bulled G David Arkin back into RB DeMarco Murray that was a sign of his strength.

    **Rookie WR Terrance Williams had an effective day. He came down with a jump ball over CB Brandon Carr in one on one drills. In seven-on-seven work he made a leaping grab over CB Sterling Moore for a touchdown, nicely getting his feet down for the score.

    ** Overall, however, the defense won the day. LB Sean Lee was able to stop TE Jason Witten short of a first down on a fourth-down play. Later S Barry Church stopped WR Cole Beasley short on a fourth-down play. The defense was able to blitz to force quicker throws short of the marker to end the drive.

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    Good stuff, thanks as usual.
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    maybe its the new hires, or something in the air, but im liking the new defense. i know its early, and theres no real competition yet, but to stop guys like Witten, is a good sign. It may not amount to much, but football is here, so im enjoying it.
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    Certainly seems it. If he is getting his butt handed to him on paddy cake then when the pads come on he is toast.
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    No offense, Fuzzy, but without being able to punch the guard is a practice dummy in this type of situation.

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