News: Are players losing trust in team doctors? Cowboys case with Ratliff now a legal matter

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    By Lorenzo Reyes

    We don’t know the details behind the rift between the Cowboys and DT Jay Ratliff, but the main point is clear: Dallas wanted him to play, and Ratliff said he wasn’t ready.

    According to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, the issue will now be handled by lawyers.

    What does this mean for the way NFL injuries will be handled in the future? Are players — fresh off watching a documentary that showed how little regard the NFL had for their safety when it came to concussions — actively fighting back?

    Based on the handling of recent injuries, it’s clear that there’s a growing distrust between players and team management.

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    So much for it being an amicable split.... or is it too early to say that?
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    The doctor-patient relationship in those environments are always adversarial although both parties can make it work. If the patient treats the relationship as a hostile one then there is little you can do.
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    Dallas does not release him if they don't think Ratliff was not doing what was asked medically to play.

    The BS the agent through out about it being a year long rehab but my client showed up for camp and was not forced to take his fitness test but...he was maybe forced.

    My take is he got paid, he got hurt, he got mad at Jerry, he stopped doing his rehab, he came back, he got hurt and he wanted to keep getting paid without doing what it took to come back to play.
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