News: Are the Cowboys trying to motivate Miles Austin thru the media?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Texas_Pete, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. Texas_Pete

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    Or are they giving him a reality check? First there is mention of players playing through more significant injuries:
    Then he dispelled the old adage that you don't lose your job due to injury:
    Then he puts in print what many Zoners have said about the trio of Dez, T-Will and Beasley:
    More at LINK. Miles days as a Cowboy are numbered. Kind of sad because he was on the verge of being elite just 3 years ago. NFL really does mean Not For Long.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    I think he contributes in a major way during of second half run ... And playoffs.
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  3. TTexasTT

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    Say what you want about Miles. I dont think he needs motivation. Hes lost a bit of what made him so successful bc of age and injuries. I highly doubt its from lack of motivation. Atleast for this year, he has a role on this team and I hope, and suspect he will, start to give more production.
    Austin is a true pro and from what Ive seen, a very classy team player. He doesnt need any motivation.
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  4. cannonball44

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    I remember the debates over whether Miles Austin was a top 10 receiver or not.

    Boy, how time has changed.
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  5. Wood

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    I really think Dallas wants longer look at TJ and Coale. As we have seen in past sometimes younger player (especially rookies) will tail off at end which would make perfect timing for Miles to come back for playoff push.
  6. Meat-O-Rama

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    Couldn't have said it better.
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    If a WR goes down watch how fast everyone starts licking his.... Shoes...
  8. Gameover

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    He's in the way. Williams needs his snaps.
  9. ninja

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    Right now Austin is probably the sixth best WR on the Cowboys. Bryant, Williams, Harris, Beasley, PS guy, and then Austin. The Cowboys could get more production from WRs Armstrong or Green than Miles Austin.

    If it weren't for that cap-killing contract with the accelerated bonus, Miles would have been cut in camp.

    I'd rather have any WR drafted in the first 4 rounds of the 2014 draft than Miles Austin at this juncture.
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  10. Fredd

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    I am not giving up on the guy just yet...if, IF mind you, he can actually get back on the field, he is still our 2nd best WR...but, Williams is about ready to pass him...

    Austin can be like a mid-season trade if he can come back and contribute...more weapons please!
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  11. blackbull

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    That last line...........Fact alert
  12. cowboys1981

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    Motivation isn't the problem. It's his hamstring.
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  13. TrailBlazer

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    Williams has already passed miles and is about to lap him. And Beasley is better than miles in the slot. But miles is good depth and we might need him later.
  14. Fredd

    Fredd Well-Known Member

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    if miles wasn't hurt, I would agree with you...if healthy, he is better than Williams and Cole
  15. TTexasTT

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    its unfortunate how quickly a couple of good games for a rookie vault him into favor over a guys that produced for the team for several years.
    The days of 2009 production are behind him but to say an unproven guys are better suited so quickly seems unfair. I feel that some are to quickly to discount how talented this man really is. I understand that this is the NFL and loyalty doesnt get teams to goals and its all about the bottom line.

    I understand that it may not sound right to most fellow fans wont agree but I still think of Austin as this teams #2 WR. IMO Williams is a rookie #3 that is exceeding expectations. Beasley is nice change of pace for the offense and a complete luxury to have.
  16. gimmesix

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    Right now, as in while he's injured? Then, I agree that Dez, Williams, Beasley and Harris are better.

    If you're talking about when he's healthy, then you need to just go back and watch the Giants' game. The guy has an incredible burst out of his breaks when healthy.
  17. jobberone

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    One injury, two injury, get the point. Dallas needs all its depth to be successful. In fact most teams do. There was a splendid conversation today on one of the sports networks with Chris
  18. Vintage

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    I was wondering who was going to win the award for the dumbest post today.

    In "unrelated" news, that mystery has been solved!
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  19. Section444

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    I'm confused by your signature. I'm guessing you're just poking fun at people?
  20. JBell523

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    So much hate for a guy who CLEARLY wasn't 100% the last few games.

    He looked rejuvenated in the pre-season.

    Let him get healthy.
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