News: Are the Cowboys trying to motivate Miles Austin thru the media?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Texas_Pete, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. Texas_Pete

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    I don't think hate is the word. The word fustrated comes to mind. Especially considering he's being paid like a #1 and he's only had 124 catches, 1,647 yards receiving, and only 13 TDs since 2010. That's paltry production for 3 years. If he were producing like a $54M receiver should be, we probably don't even draft T-Will.

    Either he takes a massive pay cut, or he'll be released this offseason (ala Doug Free). My hope is that they shut him down for a month, give T-Will and Beasley more targets/experience, then bring him for the stretch run. We'll see what the FO does.
  2. slomoxn

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    I would love to see Austin get healthy, play balls out and them Stephen find a way to trade him. He is good when healthy but if everyone is clamoring for Murray's release Miles gets paid loads more and is injured just as much.
  3. Beast_from_East

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    The dude is made of glass at this point.........just one injury after Stephen Jones said, "you cant make the club in the tub".

    Miles is not on this team next year.
  4. TTexasTT

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    Poor Miles (actually rich Miles), one of the Cowboys all time leading recievers that has been nothing short of pure class. Despite his high salary and injury problems I hate seeing him getting bagged on so hard. I hope he comes back to destroy secondarys this year and put up strong numbers.
  5. Zman5

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    He is just an insurance policy now just incase someone gets injured or TWill hits the rookie wall. He is still a very good WR when healthy. The problem is, he is healthy only about 50% of the season these days.
  6. Sarge

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    If you're a professional athlete and get paid a lot of money to do, and be your best - the mere thought of having to be motivated to play better through the media sickens me.
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  7. Oh_Canada

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    Lost all respect for him when he decided to not go back in the season ending game last year vs. Washington, this after running back out of the tunnel than just stood on the sideline in full uni, arrms crossed waiting for the game to end. Meanwhile teammates were playing on bum knees, torn shoulders and crippling back pain. Won't miss him one bit when he's gone.
  8. Zordon

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    the talkin cowboys after last season, broaddus hinted that some in VR were not big fans of austin. i don't think this guy is affected at all by wins or losses. he sounds like a brain dead zombie when he talks to the media. i'd gladly help him pack when its time to leave.
  9. stasheroo

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    It bothers me that he seems to have no fight in him.

    No fight to stay the team's #1 receiver, no fight to do all that he can to stay on the field, no fight to keep his job as #2 receiver, and seemingly, no fight to play up to his contract and stay on this team.

    Not with a bang, but a whimper...
  10. big dog cowboy

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    Can Austin take credit for being a progress stopper? Not sure if TWill improves so fast getting less snaps.
  11. Staubacher

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    Danny Coale is no longer with the Cowboys.

    Who is TJ?

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