Are The Cowboys victims of not being good enough or not being bad enough?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Feb 9, 2013.

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    Ironically, are the Cowboys the victims of being not good enough or not bad enough? When you look at a team like the Colts, they were fortunate to have a player like Luck available to draft at #1 overall. I am sure there are some perennially bad teams that if they had it to do over would have all tanked to have a chance of their own to get Luck, or RGIII.

    What if a team like Arizona had tanked? Would they be the new darlings of the NFL instead of being viewed on the outside looking in?

    The Cowboys have had a string of many mediocre years stacked on top of each other. I think that has a lot to do with our failure to get over the top. San Fran. had lots of high draft picks to stack their roster with, and now you are starting to see the benefits of that.

    There is no question that hitting on draft picks is important, but the miss rate is much lower in the top 5 than it is after that. That is why teams have to pay such a premium to get there. And the top 5 players in the draft tend to be players that can take over a game. (think Ware).
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    Being middle of the pack is not the place you want to be, especially if your GM position (not bashing) is below standards.

    Try to finding stars at important positions on the team, and those are usually in the first round. Now people who are GREAT talent evaluators can actually spot talent away from the first and second rounds, but I don't think we possess any of those on staff in the last 17 years.

    I'm a fan of losing out, drafting a star, or potential star QB, and building the team around him. But, it won't happen so who cares?
  3. Nation

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    I've never bought into the theory that being terrible is better than mediocre. We are 22-26 the past three seasons. In the three seasons prior to 2011 the 49ers were 21-27, and they went to a conference championship and a Super Bowl the next two.
  4. Future

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    Saying that 4-12 is better than 8-8 is a defeatist attitude.
  5. ThreeandOut

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    Unquestionably, it's a matter of them not being good enough. This team had a solid core of young talent that could have contended for a championship had the team continued to find solid talent. But the team didn't do a good enough job drafting talent from 2006-9 to reach a championship level.
  6. dexternjack

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    Continually being mediocre isn't good but it should have not taken this long either. I think a huge part of it is missing a lot on the first three rounds. We have those who don't meet expectations or those players are getting injured too often. Our injuries seem to hit us in positions that are detrimental to the core of the team, either offense or defense, sometimes both.

    Another problem is relying on sub-par players to fill vital roles...see off line and safety. We have bad luck too mixed in with some questionable scouting. A factor I think is overlooked is giving the younger players a chance to develop. It seems most only see considerable PT if injuries occur. This past season, Hanna and Beasley should have been worked in more to be ready for that next step in 2013, yet they are still essentially rookies.
  7. Gameover

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    Cowboys are victims of being stuck with a QB capable of geat things, but in then end, he'll cost you more than help you.
  8. big dog cowboy

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    Last year it was the injury bug that killed us.
  9. Blue Eyed Devil

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    I agree that 8-8 is where you don't want to be. You miss the playoffs and you miss out on stars in the draft.

    Since the 2000 season the Cowboys are 1 game below .500. They are the most average football club in the NFL.
  10. BoysFan4ever

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    Definitely not good enough.
  11. Ultra Warrior

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  12. whynot

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    And they know it, that's exactly what JJ said was the problem at the Senior Bowl.

    The issue is how to break out of the "rut", particularly with the salary cap and draft system that is designed to keep every team average. So if Dallas can't spend it's way out of 8-8, or draft it's way out of 8-8, what do they do?

    Blowing up the coaching staff is as good an idea as any other...
  13. Idgit

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    It didn't seem to hurt the Ravens or Giants or Packers or Steelers the last few seasons.
  14. Proximo

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    Interesting fact.

    Me personally, I've never been a fan of "tanking" for draft picks. Draft picks are an unknown, and certainly not guaranteed to improve your roster. Any team or organization willing to tank for that, probably has no will at all.
  15. Nation

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    The Cardinals are 24 games below .500. the Raiders are 22 games below. Chiefs 15, Jaguars 13. And those teams look a hell of a lot further away from title contention than we do. Average sucks, but it is still better than being horrible.
  16. chip_gilkey

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    Haven't the browns been picking in the top 10 forever now? And yet they still consistently suck. I think it all comes down to how well you scout players and if you get lucky, no matter where you're picking.
  17. zekecowboy

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    Its not really tanking. It is deciding to play some of your younger players to evaluate what you might have. It helps you to decide what areas a team needs to go in the next draft. A good example would have been playing Matt Johnson, apparently he was injured and just not ready to start playing.
  18. Gameover

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    Like against the Jets, Lions, overthrow of miles,total choke job/ int vs the Skins, the team let Romo down in those instances? Got it!

    Tony Romo has let his teammates down more than any athlete in sports history.

    How about his lack of consistency during games?You do realize the reason the Cowboys struggle to score points is because of Romo's inconsistency?

    The Cowboys will never win with Tony Romo, no matter how much you upgrade the roster, because Tony Romo is the anchor holding this team back.

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