Are there any good Free antivirus ?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by StoneyBurk, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. StoneyBurk

    StoneyBurk Member

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    Is there a anti virus out there that is free ? I don't have a credit card so I must glean where I can . Thanks
  2. CowboyFan74

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    They are all like the mafia, you gotta pay for "protection.":lmao:
  3. locked&loaded

    locked&loaded its redskin season

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  4. StevenOtero

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    WRONG! :) Get Avast Home.. It is free, all you have to do is register on their site for a serial. (Yes registration is free.)
  5. bbgun

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  6. StoneyBurk

    StoneyBurk Member

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    Thanks , I'll try it.
  7. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

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    IMO adaware by lavasoft is a good one.
  8. FoldedSpace

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  9. yesfan

    yesfan Well-Known Member

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    AVG is the way to go and it does it daily.I even
    switched from Norton in my office to AVG and they
    work much better.
  10. Meat-O-Rama

    Meat-O-Rama Vegetarians are so stupid.

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    Another vote for AVG. Auto scans, auto updates, and frequent updates of the virus definitions.
  11. iceberg

    iceberg it's business, this emotional game Zone Supporter

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    down with the AVG - 7.5 is out and it's fantastic to where i buy it when i can.

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