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Are we not going to challenge Ratliff's cap hit?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheRat, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. TheRat

    TheRat The Silly Willy

    1,907 Messages
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    Haven't heard anything about it recently.
  2. Howboutdemcowboys31

    Howboutdemcowboys31 Well-Known Member

    1,395 Messages
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    Best way to start is by changing your pic of him
  3. Hoofbite

    Hoofbite Well-Known Member

    33,013 Messages
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    I'm not sure what the challenge would be?

    That Jay wouldn't play, or that Jay said he couldn't play?

    The team was so secretive about his injury in the first place it's hard to even know what happened. Jay's doctors said he couldn't play and the Cowboys doctors said he could?
  4. FuzzyLumpkins

    FuzzyLumpkins The Boognish

    18,206 Messages
    3,737 Likes Received
    It's called fraud. You have your doctors look at him and clear him while he says he cannot play and has his agent state publicly that Ratliff had the same hip condition of Brent Price. After going round and round with him they release him and he goes onto play immediately with a conference rival.

    It's pretty obvious that Ratliff was intentionally trying to mislead the team so he did not have to honor his contract. My question is only as to when he started lying. I look at the confrontation with Jones in 2012 a bit differently now. We really could have used him last year. What a scumbag.
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  5. Reverend Conehead

    Reverend Conehead Well-Known Member

    1,097 Messages
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    I agree 100 percent. It's an outrage that he's even allowed to play in the NFL.
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  6. Hoofbite

    Hoofbite Well-Known Member

    33,013 Messages
    2,527 Likes Received
    He failed a physical prior to release and it wasn't until 6 weeks had passed that he played for the Bears.

    Cut on October 16th, signed on November 3rd, first played for the bears on December 1st.

    As far as what his injury was, I don't think it was what Price had because he had some sort of structural weakness that was basically causing his pelvis to split. Jay wouldn't have made it as far as he did if he had the same condition as Price, and from what I can find Jay had muscle detach from bone at two locations which wouldn't be what Price had.

    I don't think anything is obvious because the team kept it under wraps and it wasn't until he was released that the true nature of his surgery came out from his agent.

    Even if he and his agent had claimed he would be out for a year after surgery, he didn't return to action until 2 weeks short of the 1 year mark because the Bears staff was holding him out. If he's lying, that's a hell of a lie. Not only has he gotten the Bears medical staff to flat out just hold him back to make his story stronger but he was also able to coerce the Cowboys medical staff into failing his physical prior to him even coming off the "Physically Unable to Perform" list.
  7. FuzzyLumpkins

    FuzzyLumpkins The Boognish

    18,206 Messages
    3,737 Likes Received
    If the muscles and tendons were pulling from the hip then there is no way he would have been able to play weeks after being released. The team had him with a sports hernia --not the same thing-- as well as ankle and hammy.

    This last October, his agent was the one that went out and made the claims about the hip and went so far to say that he would not be able to play in 2013. That was right before he was released. If you honestly think that Ratliff was acting in good faith then I hope someone else handles your money for you.
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  8. BrAinPaiNt

    BrAinPaiNt Backwoods Sexy Staff Member

    63,305 Messages
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    I would imagine his point is not whether he thinks Jay and or his agent was acting in good faith...It is if the Cowboys could prove it was fraud. He makes a point that it could be difficult from what we know on this board as far as time frames.

    Of course we do not know what the Cowboys medical staff and FO knows so that is the difference.
  9. Fredd

    Fredd Well-Known Member

    4,470 Messages
    1,810 Likes Received
    regardless, at best, it is more money back in Jones' pocket, it won't affect the cap which is all I really care about
  10. Next Years Champ

    Next Years Champ Active Member

    515 Messages
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    he's a marginal player for whom the scheme and Ware greatly aided.

    I always thought he was sort of an over-achiever and not a true star type.

    Like MBIII and soon Austin..

    ..he was a wishful hope rather than an actual answer.
  11. Cowboys22

    Cowboys22 Well-Known Member

    4,006 Messages
    692 Likes Received
    I don't think they have any recourse with the league and the cap hit. There was a league approved contract and the Cowboys cut him. The cap hit is set in stone under those circumstances. The recourse Jerry has is a legal one and if I remember correctly, the day Ratliff was cut, Jerry mentioned it being a legal matter now. That told me he had either filed or was planning to file a lawsuit to recoup money from Ratliff. If that is the case, we likely won't hear anything for a while and not until a final outcome is made.
  12. FuzzyLumpkins

    FuzzyLumpkins The Boognish

    18,206 Messages
    3,737 Likes Received
    He was multiple all pro and a perennial probowler who dominated many a center and guard. We ended up with Nick Hayden for his betrayal.
  13. LatinMind

    LatinMind iPhotoshop

    10,285 Messages
    2,772 Likes Received
    That Ratliff refused to treat his injury with the training staff. I read somewhere that alone is grounds for breech of contract. Guy had literally no contact with them.

    One week his Agent released the severity of the injury, "Muscle off the bone" type stuff and wouldnt be able to play until 2014. Dallas releases him based on that, a week later he signed with chicago, another week later he suits up. Common Sense he lied.
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  14. Zimmy Lives

    Zimmy Lives Well-Known Member

    6,372 Messages
    1,349 Likes Received
    The league is not going to reward Jerry for stupidity. Time to move on.
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  15. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

    27,669 Messages
    7,621 Likes Received
    Stress on the bold. He was. In 2009. Since he had been average most of the time, decent at best. While he would have been better than Nick Hayden it would not be by an overwhelming margin.

    Chicago was just as devastated by injuries to their interior DL and he did not improve their unit all that much.
  16. TheCount

    TheCount Pixel Pusher

    21,557 Messages
    1,467 Likes Received
    I'm not even sure what basis we could challenge the cap hit on. We gave the guy the contract and we cut him. If we think he was faking his injury, then that sounds like more of a matter for the courts.
  17. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Staff Member

    55,187 Messages
    7,823 Likes Received
    Great. The one thing I was counting on.
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  18. bkight13

    bkight13 Well-Known Member

    5,274 Messages
    2,193 Likes Received
    Ratliff has a big chunk of dead money for 2014, so any relief should be pursued and it would be credited back against the cap.
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  19. Denim Chicken

    Denim Chicken Well-Known Member

    3,235 Messages
    1,488 Likes Received
    Good luck. Jerry will not press the issue. He will not fight the NFL b/c of all the other thing he's got going with the league.
  20. Chris in Arizona

    Chris in Arizona I am Death

    4,312 Messages
    973 Likes Received
    No one made Jerry hand him the ridiculous contract extension and no one made Jerry release Ratliff when he did. I doubt there will be any cap relief.

    Ratliff 1, Jerry 0. Game over.

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