Are we not going to challenge Ratliff's cap hit?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheRat, Feb 12, 2014.

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    That's pretty much what this is.
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    Not rehabbing with the team is not a contract violation - many players rehab on their own. And the day an agent lies result in a breach, 90 percent of the league would be in violation.
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    Exactly............the Cowboys are going to have to show that medical reports given to them were erroneous and that Ratliff "intended" to mislead the Cowboys about said injury.

    What an agent says on the phone is not enough to prove this, they are going to need written documentation proving Ratliff was not injured and that Ratliff intentionally mislead the Cowboys about that injury in order to get released.

    I am not holding my breathe that this is going to happen, I think Jerry is just gong to have to bite the bullet on this one and write it off as a bad contract decision.
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    But the players that rehab on their own have to coordinate with their teams and keep them informed about their progress. If Ratliff had a procedure that takes 2 or 3 months to rehab, then avoids the team completely and nine months later claims he still hasn't rehabbed - the team can claim breach of contract. Especially if he claimed that a miracle happened in his rehab and he magically healed up two weeks after being cut.
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    I don't know if the team can prove anything on Ratliff or not, but if they do win a breach of contract lawsuit against him - does anyone know the league procedure on this regarding the salary cap? Does Dallas have to reclaim the money from Ratliff and then petition the league for an adjustment to the salary cap? I've seen speculation but was wondering if anyone had the definitive answer.
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    That's not what happened though.

    He was at OTAs and supposedly suffered an additional injury sometime around camp time.
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    There are multiple responses to this on page 2.
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    The "hamstring strain."

    An injury that was so gruesome, Jay Ratliff still finished the conditioning run.

    Not only did Rat finish the run, he passed it.

    And Ratliff was seen running the very next day!

    And it's not like Ratliff was sitting in a hot tub or laying on a training table getting stretched because he stated he was still injured.

    It's crazy.

    If Ratliff was still injured from his hernia surgery, why did he participate in the conditioning test?

    Why was he seen running the very next day?

    Why was he on the field working with Rod Marinelli and Leon Lett?

    I don't know if the team can prove anything in arbitration in order to recoup some of his signing bonus money and get it credited back to their salary cap.

    I do believe Jay Ratliff quit on his team last year because he no longer wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy.

    He quit on the team despite their switching to a 4-3 front that was designed to benefit him.

    And he quit on his teammates.

    I hope Dallas wins the case against Ratliff.
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    You also fail a physical if you refuse to work out and say you can't. An NFL physical isn't what we do once a year sitting in an office.

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