Are you Satisfied with the Current NFL Rules?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by ARMAGEDDON EAGLE, Jun 21, 2004.



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    That has the ring of potential.
  2. SmellsLikeTuna

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    The tuck rule has to go.........if by rule Tom brady did not fumble, then something is fundamentally wrong with that rule.
  3. joseephuss

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    The fumble rule where on either 4th down or the last 2:00 of a half, the player who fumbled is the only one allowed on his team to recover the ball. I know this stems from the old Kenny Stabler Holly Roller play. The easy solution is that any member of the team can recover the fumble, but the ball goes back to the point where it was fumbled. That way a player can't fumble the ball forward for a first down.

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