Are you witnessing the swagger being displayed by the Niners today?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Jan 12, 2014.


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    This is true for the most part but...if we had a few "smarter" players(coaches)or players (head coach)that did smarter things we would have been 11-5.

    It really was that close and that really was why.
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    but their QB does wear headphones and his hat backwards when interviewed. Imagine the uproar if Romo did that?
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    Seems the four team left are all reflective of their HC's personality. They are teams that have been molded by their coaches, coaches that know what in the hell they are doing and are allowed to do it. The Cowboys on the other hand, are not allowed to be molded by a coach, they are molded by an owner who thinks he is a coach and they reflect that. They have the same personality as JJ, it doesn't matter about what happens on the field, as long as they look pretty doing it and the fans keep paying.
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    our HC is less than average and our team is average
    so, in a sense, they are overachieving :)
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    It was a jokeā€¦. hence why I even gave a definition (urban, no less). No offense meant
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    Maybe RKG just means you suck.
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    lol...I guess that could mean that. I don't know.

    I'm guessing that guys like Darryl Johnston, Darren Woodson, Jay, Aikman, and Smith were all RKG people from the ninties teams. I'd assume that guys like Witten, Smith, Ware, Lee, Romo, are all the RKG type of people he's talking about and I personally don't think any of those guys suck.

    *Shrugs* To each their own.

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