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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyStar88, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. dirt

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    He did admit late in the game to at least 12 "diagnosed" concussions
  2. Crazed Liotta Eyes

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    Within a couple of minutes, me and my wife were losing it over some of his comments, to the point where she was asking me to turn off the game. Have to admit that it became train wreck like and I couldn't turn away after a while. I just kept saying out loud, "who is this guy?!". By the 2nd quarter, I was imitating him perfectly and pretty much spot on with what he was going to say. Stanton would make a "decent" throw, I'd go, "Wow! that's what you want to see from your Q! Standing tall in the pocket!!" and have it read back to me on TV. Highly amusing to me anyway. Can't believe no one has mentioned the Stump Mitchell story that started getting a little uncomfortable after a while :)
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  3. AsthmaField

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    Yeah, I thought it was Ventura for sure.

    I kept waiting for him to say:

    "I ain't got time to bleed!"


    "SOB is dug in like an Alabama tick!"


    "You lose it here and you're in a world of hurt!"
  4. Jarv

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    I thought Jessie the body Ventura also, I thought are we playing the Vikings? Anyone with the pre-season live pass from would be happy to know the rewind is with our announcers.
  5. KevinU

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    Was he drunk?
  6. KevinU

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    Finally had a chance to watch the game. Scooby Doo could have done better.
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  7. Reverend Conehead

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    I laughed at the guy, but I'm glad I don't have to listen to him every week. I actually thought for a while that it might be Jesse Ventura. Seriously. Stranger things have happened. Ventura was a broadcaster with the XFL.
  8. Chris in Arizona

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    It's Ron Wolfley, former Cardinal fullback and Pro Bowl special teamer...

    He does local sports radio here, it's an automatic station change when he comes on. My guess is someone told him a while back he sounds like Jesse Ventura and he's playing to that. He'll say things like "My Warrior Princess (his wife) makes the decisions in my home" or " Men don't shop at the grocery store, we're hunters, we hunt at the store."
  9. Bonecrusher#31

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    I remember when I lived in Phoenix and listened to the morning sportsradio show he was on...

    He always reminded of that old cartoon " George is my friend ".." Duhhhhh "..... " I will hug him pet him and squeeze him "..."Duhhhhhh"

  10. Corso

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    I love that movie...
  11. Daygoboy6191

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    Lol when Stefan Taylor got a 3 yard run and he was ranting and raving how good his vision was and how great he looked I was thinking to myself did I miss something was that 3 yards or 80 yards with a TD. He was so one sided being a Cowboys fan listening to that made me want to put the game on mute, but we all know you cannot watch football on mute.
  12. CooterBrown

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    I'm glad I didn't watch NFL network. Glad I live where I do. Cowboys Network on channel 35 is where I watch preseason. Sham does pretty good, but sometimes Babe and Mickey babble about nonsense during the game.
  13. RoyTheHammer

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    I mean, like you said.. that is their job.

    Im sure they would shift the topics of discussion toward a more neutral setting if they were doing a national broadcast. They aren't though, they are Cardinals announcers and Cardinals fans want to hear almost exclusively Cardinals talk, you know?
  14. CowboysFan73

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    That was my very first thought! I ended up having to turn down the sound at one point...
  15. rickster14

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    Exactly what I thought, but Ventura is smarter
  16. fanfromvirginia

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    Well, they had a national audience (which the play-by-play guy alluded to a couple of times). I'm not sure what wasn't national about that broadcast. It was on the NFL Network and I watched it from my couch less than five miles from the Atlantic Ocean.
  17. AsthmaField

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    Haha, it was a good one, and Ventura was great in it.

    "This **** makes Cambodia look like Kansas..."
  18. FiveRings

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    He reminded me of the John Madden from family guy that just wanted to watch a good game of FOOTBALL!
  19. blindzebra

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  20. Corso

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    Man, that guy carved a nice little niche for his career, didn't he?

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