Arizona Pro Day QB Foles fails to impress

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Mar 20, 2012.

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    Poor weather conspired against the University of Arizona athletes working out at their Pro Day but an average performance from the school's top two prospects didn't help.

    Quarterback Nick Foles was the obvious center of attention at the workout. The perception among some is that Foles needed to have a strong performance to stop his stock from sliding after disappointing performances at the Senior Bowl in January and Scouting Combine in February.

    If Foles needed an eye-popping workout, he didn't deliver it Monday, according to two separate sources on the scene.

    "He was average," one talent evaluator said. "Don't get me wrong, he wasn't bad and the weather didn't help but he didn't drive the ball like you'd expect a quarterback of his size to and he has only average accuracy once you get past 15 yards, so I can't imagine that anyone is raising his grade based on what they saw Monday."

    Another source wasn't quite as careful with his wording.

    "[Foles] was terrible. He couldn't throw a spiral. Obviously, the weather conditions played a part in that but in reality, it only accentuated that he couldn't throw a spiral."
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    Ouch. I wonder how highly regarded he was in the first place but he's sliding for sure.
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    I am pretty sure 20 mph winds and 38 degrees with rain and sleet would affect a QB.
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    The thing is, they play in weather like that, indeed they play in far worse weather, in the NFL... if a quarterback can't handle the cold or the wet, that's a consideration to be factored in...
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    I agree Foles seems to me like Bledsoe without the arm or the accuracy :eek: not good
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    Let's be honest. 32 teams play 16 games each. That is 512 games played each year.

    10 teams play in domed stadiums where weather isn't a factor. That removes 80 games and makes it 432 games.

    Of those 432 games per year how many do you see in a given year that are affected by weather to the degree Tucson had on Monday? I'd say none in September. None in October. Maybe 2 or 3 in November, and 4 to 6 in December. At most 9 games in a year.

    On top of that it was unusual weather for Tucson. I am pretty sure Foles hasn't played in those conditions but could learn.

    On the ironic side, it's supposed to be in the mid 70's today and 80's tomorrow.
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    Those should be taken into consideration. But one also has to take into consideration that his three post season tests have not been kind to him. The
    Senior Bowl, the combine and now his own pro day.

    Who knows maybe his is like the old pink panther cartoons with the black cloud following him around because he is either not as good as some thought he was or he has incredibly bad luck.
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    This is good news. He'll be a steal.

    His draft season has just snowballed. They were hard on him at the Senior Bowl and it's just continued to get worse.

    But I still feel like he could be a very good starting QB in 4 years.
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    I agree. I hope other teams fell out of love with him. You can see on the video I posted that he can throw a spiral. No joke the weather here Monday was un-Tucson-like. I'm not shocked he struggled.

    If he comes to Dallas for a private workout he will shine.
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    Would love to have him drop to the bottom of the draft and pick him up anyway.
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