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    11:29 PM CDT on Wednesday, August 9, 2006

    [SIZE=-1]By TODD ARCHER / The Dallas Morning News[/SIZE]

    • NFL Films had Bill Parcells wired for sound during Wednesday's morning session. We're not one to say the coach was preening for the cameras, but he was a little more active and vocal than normal.

    • For the first time in camp, the players were able to wear shells (scaled-down pads) at practice after wearing pads for 16 straight practices.
    "I'm gonna give them a little – I don't want to say break – but it's a test," Parcells said. "If they do a good job, they might get another chance to go in shells someday soon."

    • Agent Jimmy Sexton – who represents Parcells, Bobby Carpenter, Marcus Coleman, Jason Ferguson, Aaron Glenn, Bradie James, Marco Rivera and Jason Witten – was at practice. Marcus Spears recently left Sexton for Steve Feldman. Ken Kremer, who works for mega-agency CAA – which represents Tony Romo, Marc Colombo, Rob Petitti , Chris Canty, Drew Henson and Julius Jones – was also at practice. Could Sexton and Kremer be on hand to finalize extensions for James and Romo? Maybe, but over the course of camp, a number of agents have been on hand.

    DeMarcus Ware's athleticism is beyond reproach, but the talented linebacker had a funny moment when he tripped over a bag during warmups, causing his teammates to laugh.

    • During one part of the tight end/F back blocking drill against the outside linebackers, Parcells had this to say to Lousaka Polite after going against Greg Ellis: "You can block him, you can block most of them."

    • For the second straight day, Skyler Green, Keylon Kincade, Tyson Thompson and Abram Elam returned kicks.

    • The Cowboys continue to wear their throwback helmets in practice. They will wear the uniforms three times this year: Aug. 21 vs. New Orleans, Thanksgiving vs. Tampa Bay and Christmas against Philadelphia.

    • After giving up a sack, rookie left tackle Pat McQuistan was berated by Parcells for not knowing the play. A few plays later, Parcells encouraged McQuistan. You take the good, you take the bad.

    • After not turning up field quickly enough on a third-and-1 play, Tyson Thompson was scolded. Parcells wants to see him keep the drive alive rather than try to break a big run when one is not there.

    • During seven-on-seven drills, Drew Henson launched a perfect deep ball to Jamaica Rector to the outside shoulder, prompting a fist pump from the quarterback.

    Drew Bledsoe was particularly sharp in red-zone drills, going 3-for-3 on completions to Witten (twice) and Thompson.

    • Linebacker Akin Ayodele had to have his facemask straightened out after one play.

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    guess green might be an upgrade at kr
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    Glad to hear Drew is finding his rhythm. When Terrell gets back I don't want to hear him say "I was open dude". He's not out there.

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