Article: Jason Taylor says Merriman not deserving

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by needforspeed, Dec 27, 2006.

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    Taylor cites Merriman's suspension in award race
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    Associated Press
    Posted: 1 hour ago

    DAVIE, Fla. (AP) - Miami Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor says the candidacy of his likely chief rival for NFL defensive player of the year, Shawne Merriman, was tainted by a four-game steroid suspension in November.

    "You really shouldn't be able to fail a test like that and play in this league, to begin with," Taylor said Wednesday. "To make the Pro Bowl and all the other awards, I think you're walking a fine line of sending the wrong message."

    Merriman, who plays outside linebacker for the San Diego Chargers, has denied he's a steroid cheat and blamed his positive test on a tainted supplement.

    "A performance-enhancing drug is, obviously, what it is," Taylor said. "You enhance your performance by doing that. You fail that test, I think it's not right, it's against the rules and ultimately I think it's sending the wrong message to the youth in America and the people who look at this game not only as entertainment but also to learn lessons from it."

    Taylor has been one of the few bright spots this season for Miami (6-9). In 15 games, he has 13 1/2 sacks, 10 fumbles forced and two interceptions, both returned for touchdowns.

    Merriman is tied for the NFL lead in sacks with 15 1/2 in 11 games for the AFC West champion Chargers (13-2). He has four forced fumbles and has one interception.

    "He's always making plays," Taylor said. "He's one of the best young talents we have in this game right now as far as defensively, and he has had an unbelievable year. With that being said, there are certain rules and guidelines we have to abide by to play in this game."

    Taylor made his comments in a conference calls with reporters in Indianapolis. The Dolphins conclude their season Sunday against the Colts.
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    I agree with him 100 percent he shouldn't have been pro bowl eligible and no way should be defensive player of the year eligible
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    well. don't you guys worry. next strike and he's out for the whole year.
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    I love Jason Taylor, and I love the palyers speaking out against this.
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    WTG Jason!
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    I agree, but I wonder if he played for the Cowboys how much apologizing would be going on for him in this forum. :(
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    well he's right
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    I agree nothing like putting a cheater inthe pro bowl.
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    not a damn word from me you cheat you cheat and shouldn't be in the league imho.
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    I think Ware is better.


    Seriously though... these baseball players and track guys got there name and stats smeered because of Roids so why not in the NFL?
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    A-freaking-men. I hope he keeps talking about it, too.

    Ya know, Taylor looks like he has just the kind of frame that could add 20 quick pounds of muscle without losing any speed if he wanted to cheat, too... But he hasn't.

    Good for him.
  14. Bleu Star

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    A punishable offense is a punishable offense whether he's a Cowboy or not. I haven't seen any Cowboys getting popped for steroids lately. Thank goodness.

    I see where you were going though. Bad parallel.
  15. tyke1doe

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    I didn't make a parallel comparison.

    I simply said I wonder how many Cowboys fans would apologize for his actions and "buy" his "tainted supplements" argument.

    And no one said he shouldn't be punished. The argument here is whether he should still be nominated to the Pro Bowl because of his punishment.

    I dare say that if Merriman were a Cowboy and he had violated the banned substance rule and received a four-game suspension, some fan would claim "media bias" or "Cowboys bias" if the media picked up on Jason Taylor's comments.

    I can't prove it but based on some of the arguments I've read apologizing for a certain player, I wouldn't doubt it.
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    This is a story that ESPN should focus on, but i:espn: nstead they'll wait for some little thing T.O. says.
  17. Bleu Star

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    Yeah. Like I said the first time. Bad parallel.
  18. Jimz31

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    Taylor is one player that I respect more than most others....why? It is because of him that I will be able to have my kids play sports in school. We homeschol our kids, and he was homeschooled and had to fight to be allowed to play.
  19. Hostile

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    Not by me. We had a guy here tell us he was dirty before the draft. Lo and behold, he tests dirty. No surprise from me. I think he'll test dirty again too. He may have some designer stuff for now, but he'll flub up.
  20. Sarge

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    A guy like Jason Taylor is what Dallas needs, in more ways than one.

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