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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Biggems, Nov 25, 2010.

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    they have a lot of nice defensive prospects coming out this year and next. I am not sure who will declare early, but:

    Sam Acho (S)
    Kheeston Randall (J)

    Emmanuel Acho (J)
    Keenan Robinson (J)

    Aaron Williams (J)
    Chykie Brown (S)
    Curtis Brown (S)
    Blake Gideon (J)

    I would love to have Sam Acho and Randall. Acho is a highly intelligent, great work ethic, high character, and a non stop motor. Randall hustles his tale off.

    Emmanuel Acho is also highly intelligent, has a great work ethic, high character, and is a tackling machine. He would make a great addition to our LB corp.

    Robinson is a versatile player. He can play LB and is stout against the run, as well as rushing the passer. He can also cover pretty well. At Texas he is more of a S/LB hybrid, similar to Travis Lewis at OU, but not quite on the level of Lewis.

    of all the DBs, I like Gideon the best. He just seems to always be around the ball. Williams had a great SO. year, but this year he is hot and cold. The Browns are good CBs, but they can be abused from time to time. I would put them in the 2nd or 3rd tier group of CBs in the draft. Both Williams and Curtis Brown are horrible as PRs. They are muffed punts waiting to happen.
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    Blake Gideon is having a nightmare of a season. I really doubt he declares. At least I hope he doesn't.

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