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    ESPN reported that the 28-point margin of victory was the largest in the history of the 45-year Cowboys/Redskins rivalry.


    That was the highest win by the Redskins.

    Dallas has won 4 games by 28 or more points in the series:

    1962 38-10 (28)
    1985 44-14 (30)
    1970 34-0 (34)
    1993 38-3 (35)

    Dallas also holds a 54-35-2 record vs the Redskins a 60.4% winning percentage (according to

    Not that this wasn't a bad loss by the Boys but it wasn't the worst in the series as those are held by the Redskins, not the Cowboys.

    Actually this one didn't hurt as much as the earlier loss did since we had that game in the bag but let them take it from us at the end (stupid Parcells!).
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    i have the 85 game on dvd..............theismann gets picked 5 times.......on his birthday no less.

    loved it!

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