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    Gil Brandt,
    Hi everyone. Hope you are doing okay keeping up with all the free agency moves. Happy to talk about them, along with anything else on your mind...
    Ray, NJ12:01 PM ET

    Gil: If you're the Rams do you go Suh and then the best QB or offensive playmaker available in Round 2, or do you go Bradford and then the best defensive player available in Rd 2? Thanks for your time!! Gil Brandt,
    Ray, I would go with QB Sam Bradford with No. 1. You don't get a lot of opportunities to draft what appears to be a franchise QB. and the depth at DT and DL in general is pretty good this year, so you can get a good one atop Round 2.

    Josiah, DC12:03 PM ET
    What will the Bucs do if both DTs are gone by then? Gil Brandt,
    Well, I would imagine if Suh and McCoy go 1-2, their phone will be rining like crazy for a team looking to trade into the No. 3 spot to draft Bradford. And I imagine that's what they would do.

    Russell, Orlando12:04 PM ET
    Hey Gil. My question is regarding Jacoby Ford. With the 4.28 40 and the potential to be a slot receiver and return man, which round will he be drafted in and which teams do you think have the most interest in him? Thanks.

    Gil Brandt,
    First off, Russell, Jacoby Ford had a sensational workout on top of the 40 time. He showed improvement in his ability to catch the ball to go with his return ability. There's a good chance because of his speed and ability that he will be a second-round pick. He's not very tall, but he's very strong for his size.

    phil, san deigo12:06 PM ET
    Hello Gil, I'm still racking my brain trying to figure out why the chargers let Jamal Williams go with no replacement, any insider news on how they plan to fill that void?

    Gil Brandt,
    Phil, I thnik they let him go for several reasons... salary and health were two big concerns. Injury concern was probably the main concern. He had a $1 million roster bonus due, which was the reason for the timing of his release.
    quinton, farmington mo12:08 PM ET

    where will LT go this year

    Gil Brandt,
    Quinton, I would imagine that LaDainian will be on teams' radars later on in free agency, maybe even after the draft. I could see him going to a team like Green Bay, that has an established running back and has a chance to make the playoffs. Houston is a potential spot as well. And the recent reports linking him to Minnesota -- where he would replace Chester Taylor as the No. 2 behind Adrian Peterson -- make perfect sense.

    Mike, Philly12:11 PM ET
    Hi Gil. Which high tendered RFA, if any, has the best chance to get picked up by another team?

    Gil Brandt,
    Mike, I think it's probably Jared Gaither, the offensive tackle from Baltimore. Another one I can't understand is O.J. Otogwe, the safety in St. Louis. Those two have the best chance of getting picked up.
    victoria, frozen northeast12:12 PM ET

    how big is it for the pats defense that they re-signed vince wilfork?what do the pats have to do in the off season to keep up with the improved jets and dolphins?how do you see them accomplishing this?thank you.

    Gil Brandt,
    Victoria, they also re-signed CB Leigh Bodden, who was rumored to be going to Houston. So they've helped themselves by retaining two key defenders. Now they can focus on the draft, since they have a wealth of extra picks that they have stockpiled in trades the last two years. I would think that is their gameplan.

    M.C.Rauh, Buffalo,NY12:15 PM ET
    Tebow is set to work out for the Bills...there is no way they take him #9 there?

    Gil Brandt,
    Well, M.C., I don't think so. But that ninth spot is always an attractive spot to trade down from. so with that said, I wouldn't bea bit surprised to see them trade down from that spot and take Tebow later in the first round.

    And for the record, I am in the Tebow camp -- I believe he will be a successful NFL quarterback.

    Kyle Schroeder, Sandusky,Oh12:17 PM ET
    Hey Gil, What do you think of the Senaca Wallace trade for the Browns? Will he be the starter or Brady Quinn? Or another QB like McNabb.

    Gil Brandt,
    First off, Kyle, I have a great deal of faith in Mike Holmgren's ability to find players who can help his team. I'm not sure what the plan is for Wallace -- he's not the most accurate passer in the league, but he's a veteran QB who can pass and run -- perhaps working out of the Wildcat.

    Guido, Miami, Fl12:19 PM ET
    Hello Gil do you think that the signing of Karlos Dansby to the Dolphins will help them next season? Also who do you think they will draft in the first round?

    Gil Brandt,
    Guido, I thought Dansby was a great signing -- he is a very good football player who will play well in that system. Prior to the signing of Dansby, I thought they'd go for a pass-rushing DE/OLB in the draft. Now, I'd say they will be looking for a receiver -- but they might end up trading down fom the 12th pick to get that WR later in the first or in the second.

    Kyle, Pa12:22 PM ET
    Is it the fact the no one wants to come to Buffalo or that Buffalo isn't making any moves during free agency

    Gil Brandt,
    Kyle, I think players will come to Buffalo -we've seen it in the past. Buddy Nix is methodical and I'm sure he doesn't want to get into the bidding wars for big-name players, when he sees some good playrs in he secnd tier of free agents. I would expect Buffalo to be more active in the next 10 days or so.

    Adeel, London, ON, Canada12:24 PM ET
    Will JaMacus Russell start??

    Gil Brandt,
    We'll find out in training camp. Knowing new offensive coordinator Hue Jackson, I'd think he took the job understanding that he has the power to decide who will be the starter based on what takes place in training camp and the preseason. No it's no guarantee that Russell starts over Bruce Gradkowski.

    Matthew, Chicago12:26 PM ET
    Do you think that Bears can win NFC North next season after all those signings?

    Gil Brandt,
    Well, Matthew, this is going to be a very tight three-team race with Chicago, Green Bay and Minnesota. There's no question the Bears helped themselves with the signing of Julius Peppers, Chester Taylor and Brandon Manumaleuna.

    Jake, England12:28 PM ET
    Hey Gil, who do you see the chiefs drafting at 5?

    Gil Brandt,
    I think the Chiefs will draft an offensive lineman. If he's there at No. 5, I think that will be Oklahoma state's Russell Okung. If he's not there, No. 5 might be too high for one of the other OTs. They might try to move down a little and get Bryan Baluga from Iowa.

    Dave, SLC, UT12:31 PM ET
    What are the realistic chances that anybody give up a 1st rd pick for Brandon Marshall (Better than Seattle's 14th which they refused)? Was this part of Denver's get him into the fold and still giving him a shot at FA?!

    Gil Brandt,
    I hadn't heard that Denver turned down Seattle's 14th overall pick for Marshall. I can't imagine that Denver will refuse a first-round pick for Marshall. Perhaps they can get a lower pick that becomes a first-rounder next year based on Marshall's performance. But I don't think Denver is trying to keep him.

    justin, washington dc12:34 PM ET
    Do you think the cowboys will remain quiet or will they try to make a move during this free agency period?

    Gil Brandt,
    Justin, I think you'll see them make some moves in this secondary market, which would start in about 10 days.

    Jim Bunday, Las Vegas12:35 PM ET
    Who do you feel are the top 2 or 3 FAs left and where do you think they will go ?

    Gil Brandt,
    Let me think about this one for a second...
    Gil Brandt,
    I like Pats RB Kevin Faulk, because he's so versatile. Chester Pitts can help somebody on th offensive line.

    Michael, NY,NY12:39 PM ET
    Gil, if you're picking a WR in this draft including past personal problems, attitudes, ability, everything which two do you rank at the top to improve your team?

    Gil Brandt,
    Michael, I would probably take Dez Bryant, based primarily on his big 2008 season. I wouldn't want him in the top 10, but if he were available in the latter half of the first round, then I like him enough to overlook his off-field issues. I also like Golden Tate from Notre Dame. and I think Georgia Tech's Demaryious Thomas has a chance to be very good.

    Sunny, New Orleans12:42 PM ET
    WHO DAT nation here, just wondering there is no way we will give up reggie bush this season right?

    Gil Brandt,
    Right, Sunny. They will not let Reggie Bush go. He is very valuable returning kicks and creating matchup problems when they spread him out. And he can be a dangerous runner when healthy. I think Sean Payton loves his versatility.

    Matt, Ca12:44 PM ET
    Hey Gil, thanks for talking with us this morning. What kind of compensation would a team have to give up for s O.J. Otogwe? Who might be interested? Maybe Da Bears?

    Gil Brandt,
    I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see the Bears interested -- Lovie Smith is familiar with him, and they could use a safety.

    The Rams didn't place a draft tender on him -- just right of first refusal, which indicates they do still have interest in keeping him if the price is right. But at least that gives Chicago a chance, because they don't have the draft picks to give up in compensation.

    sam , orlando, fl12:47 PM ET
    Do You think that Indianapolis could go after Jahri Evans?

    Gil Brandt,
    Hi Sam, I would imagine they would like to go after him, but I don't see New Orleans letting him go. And I also don't see Bill Polian givin gup a first and third to sign him, which is what the Saints tendered him at.

    Nick, North Carolina12:49 PM ET
    Do you have an opinion on Jason Paul-Pierre? He's obviously a freak, but does he have the motor? Such an intriguing guy...

    Gil Brandt,
    Nick, you are absolutely right. He is a most intriguing play. I do think he'll go in the first round simply because he has a ton of potential. He's only played eight games of major college football, but he looked awfully good in those games. And he's got the ability to rush the passer, which is obviously attractive.

    After his '08 season in junior college, more than 50 teams Div. I teams tried to recruit him.

    Nathan, Eau Claire, WI12:52 PM ET
    Will Ted Thompson ever sign a proven free agent?

    Gil Brandt,
    Well, he re-signed one of his own last wek in Chad Clifton. that oughta count.

    Ted Thompson is a GM I have great respect for. He prefers to build his team in the draft, and I have confidence in his ability to do that. And remember, he did go out and get Charles Woodson a couple of years ago. That worked out okay, right?

    Michael, Orlando, Fl12:54 PM ET
    Will Al Davis draft another workout warrior in the 1st round or do you think they will actually address needs?

    Gil Brandt,
    Michael, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Raiders address needs -- perhaps getting an offensive lineman with the top pick. And maybe the Alabama LB, Rolando McClain, falls to them. they can definitely use size at linebacker.

    Of course, they could draft an offensive lineman in Round 1 and also take a "workout warrior" -- someone like Bruce Campbell from Maryland. and Al Davis loves those East Coast guys. But he's a hit or miss guy, and I would not take him that high.

    Terrell, New orleans12:57 PM ET
    Who do you see Cowboys drafting with the 27th pick? i like Iupati, Earl thomas or mays...

    Gil Brandt,
    Terrell, Iupati is a possibility, but I would think Earl Thomas is more of a reality. He's not quite as tall as you'd like a safety to be, but he's real good.

    Gil Brandt,
    That hour flew by! Great questions, as always. Look forward to chatting again next week.
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