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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BlueStar22, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. BlueStar22

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    Do they have individual writers assigned to specific teams or do their writers just cover the NFL? I ask because Dennis and Engel always has the Jamie Something guy on who writes for the AP and he always is negative. It appears he's covering Terrell instead of the Cowboys. He's been there since the start of camp.
  2. Chocolate Lab

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    Yes, I think Aron is the writer assigned to the team.

    I just wonder why people expect writers to throw bouquets at Owens. He's his own travelling circus, and it would be that way if were playing for the Giants or the Raiders or anyone else. That's part of what you sign up for when you bring him to your team.
  3. trickblue

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    Yep... Jaime Aron..

    He is an excellent writer and we are lucky he is on our beat...

    His stories on TO are much fewer than other writers...
  4. Chief

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    I think Aron is solid.

    He is more balanced than the AP guy who had that beat for many years ... Denne Freeman, who seemed like a fan.
  5. AtlCB

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    No one is wanting the writers to throw bouquets at Owens. We just want to hear how some of the other players are doing in camp. During the last PC, the writers asked about 50% TO questions.
  6. BlueStar22

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    that's my deal. I guess Dennis and LBOH should get the grunt of my displeasure as every time they have Mr. Aron on, they're talking T.O.
  7. Chief

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    You have to remember, Aron is writing for a national audience ... not for the Dallas area readers, or Cowboy fans in particular.

    His stuff is for El Centro, Calif., Holyoke, Mass., and everywhere in between.

    Those readers don't care about how well Jacque Reeves looks on special teams.

    Owens is a national story and that's what Aron is being instructed to focus on.
  8. baj1dallas

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    I agree. They are going to write about TO like it or not (and I don't unless it's a legit story). But Aron can also write an informative and even interesting article, which is hard to do considered how spoiled we've become (thank you Grizz, Vela, Chrissyboy, and the others).

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