ATL Podcast - Trade Tony Romo

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Mar 29, 2014.

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    24 or 25
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    Not Romo's age, but I would want too just trade him so people can really see what he brings too this team, people want him gone well they'll be the first ones too whine when we have too go through idk how many Qbs looking for a replacement, Go Cowboys!!!! Romo is the best thing too happen too this team when they decided too sit Bledsoe, not even Bledsoe an ex number 1 pick as washed up as he was was able too change this team.
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    Easy there champ, Romo has won a single playoff game. They wouldn't exactly be trading Joe Montana.
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    Another poster pointed out the sad obvious. $28 million in cap space, if not more. However, that aside. I would want Two 1st Rounders and Two 3rd Rounders in consecutive years (meaning we get their 1st and 2nd each year or if that isn't acceptable we swap positions in the 2nd round if they are have a higher position and then seek a 4th rounder).

    In the last year, I would want a 3rd rounder. I would also want the option in the 3rd year to swap positions in the first two rounds if the team we trade with has a lower record.
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    If I were ruler of the internet I would ban all hypothetical posts,,, and demand Jerry Jones be given extra first round draft picks + $20mil extra cap space every year until he could field a championship team. I'm pretty sure the ruler of the internet would have that power.
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    The AZ defense is lightyears better than any defense we have put together for Romo.
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    1) just to be clear, the OP was just asking a hypothetical question to drum up discussion, so please stow the pro- and anti-Romo crap...the thread isn't about Romo-hate
    2) the originator of the thought (ATL podcast), like other hacks, is trying to drum up hits by saying something controversial regarding the media-bombs, the Dallas Cowboys franchise
    3) as many have said, the accelerated cap hit is to much to manage, even if the team were willing to trade their franchise QB (and I don't think they ever would)
    4) I personally would not even consider trading Tony as he is too important to the team and, with health, this is a playoff team now with him, they are a top 10 draft team without him
    5) If I were the GM of another team, I would never consider making the move for tony because of his salary, but the back would drop the asking price regardless; if, in an unrealistic environment, the cowboys cut him and there were no salary repercussions, OF COURSE I would want tony as my QB if I didn't have to pay him that contract
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    Nobody is stupid enough to take on that contract, if anyone wants to take it on, they can have him.
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    If they traded Romo to a well coached contender I would be happy for him. We are going nowhere fast so he will never sniff a title here. Now if we did trade him I would hope we could get some good draft picks out of it that I would use to maneuver to get Johnny Football. Romo is too old to ever win a title here with Garrett but Manziel would be young enough to either outlast Garrett or possibly benefit from Garrett becoming fully "trained" one day(although I have serious doubts that ever happens but that is another story). Having a QB of Romo's stature at his age is a complete waste with Garrett so since Jerry wants to keep Garrett he SHOULD trade Romo. Romo is the main reason we have at least 8 wins the last three seasons so trading him would also benefit us with better draft picks.
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    Dude to be honest Bledsole was old when he came here. 2-3 years is all he had left in the tank, his second year Drew fell off hard.
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    Why do these threads keep coming up when it's impossible under the salary cap to trade Romo.

    The total cap hit for Romo in 2014 would be $49,181,000 if he were traded.

    His current cap hit is $11,773,000; therefore, it would be an increase of $37,408,000
    ($49,181,000 - $11,773,000).
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    It came up because it was discussed on a podcast and the original poster thought it would be interesting to discuss. Not sure if many believed it was even a possibility. I knew the cap hit if he was traded was huge but wow.

    I heard on the radio that it would be impossible financially to cut or trade him this year or next.
  14. cowboyschmps3

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    The point is all this board that hates on Romo will finally understand
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    I do think AZ or SL would be great spots for Romo. Not happening though.
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    I'll take somebody's momma for Tony.
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    Would you be able to ban all fans/media that don't do any research prior to putting their ideas on the internet?

    Can you also require message board posters to make 1 good thread before they're allowed to make another new thread.
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    Actually if we traded Romo tomorrow, it would be around a $41 million dollar cap penalty after his most recent restructure.

    Might as well have a fire sale on everybody else, would have to totally gut the roster just to absorb the cap hit.
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    so let me see, the romo haters wouldn't have anything left to do so their attention would likely have to turn to "why did they trade romo? Now we can't field a legit team. This FO is so stupid...."

    again, I don't think the OP was saying this, I think he was trying to drum up discussion, but the people that actually WANT the trade are the ones that bring humor to me...
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    Welcome to the off season.

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