Attending the Cowboys vs. Chiefs Game???

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by skeme21, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. jramos402

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    Hi guys. New to the forums. Hope to seeing some of you guys there. Ill be driving down from Omaha, NE to watch the boys play. It will be my first game ever attending. Ill be in Section 101 Row 10 seats 5-7. Dont know what jersey Ill be wearing but Ill be there.Anyone have any idea what hotel the team willbe staying in? Hoping to get some autographs too.
  2. Arch Stanton

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    A few of us will be in Denver. I nearly got persuaded to stay on another week to see the KC game. #1 wouldn't have been too pleased. :)
  3. SacredStar

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    I just relocated to Kansas City 5 weeks ago. Three weeks ago, members of the team were selling tickets to the home games at our plant for cheap prices.

    Unfortunately, I did not purchase any. I came real close to buying some and they did their best in trying to persuade me. Problem was, I planned on returning to Wisconsin to visit my Mom and siblings that weekend.

    Lost opportunity.
  4. jramos402

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    Been hearing nothing but how much of *******s the Chiefs fans are. Is this true?? Should I be ready to dodge a flying beer at the game or something??? Like I said first time I go to a game and just trying to prepare for whats to come. I plan on cheering for the boys as much I can and have a low tolerance for bs so I guess my biggest fear is getting kicked out. Any words of advice??
  5. ChldsPlay

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    You'll be fine, nothing to worry about. There will probably be just as many Cowboys fans anyway. Chiefs fans aren't typically a bright bunch, but they're not very aggressive. Their bark is worse than their bite, and their bark is kinda weak actually.

    Speaking of this game, is there anyone who has an account with, that can get me pics from sections 304 and 318?
  6. big dog cowboy

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    I'm going and all my Chief friends at work know it. Actually they expect to lose so not much trash talking at all. My experiences at Arrowhead have not been all that bad in past Cowboy games. Still, I plan to contain myself as much as possible until after the game. It's hard, but I ignore those who try and heckle me. It just seems to make tham madder. I don't care. My friends and I are there for ourselves and we WILL have a great time.
  7. cowboys1732

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    I will be there and I am in the same boat as far as all of my co-workers being Chief's fans. They have been talking alot of smack. "I would take Cassell over Romo anyday. I have never even heard of Jason Witten. They got rid of their best player in TO...etc, etc". We just have to endure "And the home of the CHIEFS" during the national anthem.
  8. FernBlueEyes

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    Living in Omaha, I hate to miss a chance to cheer IN PERSON! I think section 101 is behind the visitors bench? Have a great time and be safe!

    I'm new to the forum too - are there any good Omaha sports bars where crowds of fellow Cowboy Fans watch games?

  9. jramos402

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    I find myself going to Buffalo Wild Wings in Bellevue alot. Theres always Cowboys fans there every time a game is on. Also, Beer City on 42nd & L is a Cowboys bar. You might want to check it out.

    Yea Section 101 is right there on the 50yard line behind the visitors bench. Im actually trying to sell the tickets I have now so I can buy seats in the same section but in the first row right behind the Cowboys. If anyones interested hit me up. If not then Ill still be happy where Im at now.
  10. JBond

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    I'll be there. I am very much looking forward to meeting some of my fellow Zoners.
  11. JBond

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    Last time the Cowboys made the trip here there were as many Cowboy fans as Chiefs. I have seen a few fights there, but they were always between Chiefs and raiders fans. Be nice to the Chiefs fans because for obvious reasons they are very depressed.
  12. DallasCowpoke

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    Just an FYI. KC is wearing their "Texans" throwback unis that game. Dallas is wearing the white helmut, blue/white double-star jersey as well.

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