Audio: Audio: Baldinger on Cowboys Off Line...'Not a smart group'

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dcfanatic, Aug 20, 2010.

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    I know there was a thread on here about this, but I don't see it anymore. I got the audio of it from WIP. He just fires it out there...

    Baldinger on Cowboys O Line: 'Not a smart group..'

    The NFL Network just sent Brian Baldinger out to the Cowboys Training Camp recently to do some live reports for Total Access.

    I would guess being a former NFL offensive lineman that he is interested in how well those units work together and who the players are on a particular team. So I think it's safe to safe to say he's very familiar with the guys that he's bashing in this interview he did on 610 WIP in Philly yesterday...

    Baldinger says Cowboys Offensive Line 'Not a smart group to begin with...'

    Wow. So he just called the Cowboys Offensive Line a bunch of dummies.

    I think most have realized that offensive lineman cannot just be a big dumb lump of meat out there in today's game because of how intricate the offensive systems are nowadays.

    But then again this offensive line has at times now shown well against the defenses that are showing multiple fronts and using exotic blitzes against the Cowboys.

    I would love to hear what the Cowboys offensive linemen think about this commentary.

    And yes. That means I will be forwarding this to a few of them.
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    ;) :p:

    On a serious note. I don't know if they are considered dumb. However as you have pointed out they have seemed to have problems picking up some blitzes and getting confused on stunts.
    I think Kosier has also made the line calls instead of Gurode (where most teams centers do the calls).

    So who knows.
  3. cowboyjoe

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    go get them DC, especially send one to gurode
    and bigg davis
  4. NextGenBoys

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    If you have those connections, do more than forward it. Get some real meat out of it.
  5. Wood

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    honestly...i dont think its that much of a reach by what Baldinger said. I mean how many offensive linemen are members of Mensa? Colombo and Davis come off as braulers, gurode is physical but doesnt really make line calls. We still dont know on that basically leaves Kosier as the brains. Rather I look for the back to be more cerebral and know which guy to pick up on blitz.
  6. dcfanatic

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    Baldy was an offensive lineman in Dallas.

    The dude was just walking around visiting with the team two days ago.

    Now he's on Philly radio calling them dummies?

    If I am a Cowboys offensive lineman I want to drop kick this dude.
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  8. Picksix

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    Meathead Baldinger questioning someone else's intelligence. That's rich.
  9. Chocolate Lab

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    Wow, Baldinger really showed his ignorance there. Besides calling our OL stupid, what about what he said about our QB?

    He said Romo had the year of his life last year, but then at Minnesota when we lost Flozell, "he started going back to Tony Romo -- throwing the ball all over the place, laying it on the ground..."

    Whatta tool.
  10. NextGenBoys

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    You'd be hard pressed to find any quarterback to succeed with the pressure Romo was under.
  11. Chocolate Lab

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    No doubt, but I'm talking about the "going back to being Tony Romo" comment, as if Romo were some incompetent Chad Hutchinson-like spare before last year.

    But I guess Baldy really was ignorant enough to believe the popular notion that Romo couldn't play a lick and only became famous for being on the cover of People magazine.
  12. EGG

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    I differ with Baldy in some of his opinions(as I do with all analysts), but I have to say that the Cowboys OL, especially Gurode and Davis, miss way too many assignments to be considered "football smart".

    So, with Kosier out 4-6 weeks, who is calling the protections now? Romo?
  13. DaBoys4Life

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    our oline is dumb our offense is simple.....this is getting old......
  14. newnationcb

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    To be fair, he did support Romo all of last year and was staunch during the show on NFN last night? I'm an avid watcher or the show.
  15. 28 Joker

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    I think this would be good motivation.

    Also, I would make sure Doug Free knew about what the rest of the division thought about him before he won the job. I'm talking about what Matt Mosley reported.
  16. 28 Joker

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    On, Baldinger has a column out about Dallas and the offensive line.

    He predicts that Sean Lee will take Keith Brooking's or Bradie James' job.

    He doesn't say when it will happen.

    That will be tough to do this year unless an injury occurs, and we don't want injuries any where.

    Sean Lee sounds like the real deal. I'm looking forward to seeing him.
  17. J-DOG

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    This is a situation of Philadelphia media pandering to the local fan base.
    I am not saying it's nearly the same thing but it comes from the same place that made that Philly media guy spit on our's just to a different degree.
    The local media in Philly changes with the fans mood.
    In the local Dallas media they are just looking to make news and break a controversial story before anyone else. The local DFW media knows if they break a controversy in Dallas they will be on the national media scope because of the national popularity of the Cowboys.
    I honestly do not have much respect for either of the media bases in Philly or Dallas as a whole. Both do a lousy job, but in different ways.
  18. jswalker1981

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    If we have an offensive lineman that is that athletic, we need to move him to tight end.
  19. dcfanatic

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    Baldinger isn't Philly media.

    He's from the NFL Network who was just doing a spot on the show.

    So your idea really doesn't make sense.
  20. Eddie

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    OMG ... we're getting all riled up when a member of the media makes a negative comment about the Cowboys.

    Get over it. Who cares???

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