Audio: Audio: Broaddus breaks down Bears vs Cowboys on GAC

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    Broaddus breaks down Bears vs Cowboys on GAC

    Bryan Broaddus with his weekly Friday appearance on Galloway and Company to talk about the matchups between the Bears and Cowboys...

    Broaddus on Galloway and Company - Sep 17th

    That Bears defense can be out muscled by this Cowboys offense. They are small and fast and will be looking to keep everything in front of them. If Tony Romo just makes sure he doesn't make mistakes in this game the offense should have success and put up at least three TD's.

    The Bears are not going to be overly concerned with protecting Jay Cutler because Mike Martz wants to send out a lot of receivers out on routes. Ware and Spencer are going to make noise in this game. I am a little worried about Bradie James and Keith Brooking having to try and cover Matt Forte and Chester Taylor. Those RB's will be a part of the Bears passing attack. Just have to make sure they don't break off any big plays by tackling them as soon as they catch anything.

    Cowboys should win this game by two TD's in my opinion.

    Cowboys 34, Bears 19.

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