Audio: Broaddus on Ben and Skin - Parts 1 and 2

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    Great friend Bryan Broaddus, the official scout of ESPNDallas, stopped in with The Ben and Skin Show today to talk Cowboys 2010 storylines...

    Broaddus on Ben and Skin Show - Part One

    Was speaking to Bryan last night about some of these things and there really are a lot of interesting storylines that will play out this summer and early in the 2010 season.

    Here's Part two...

    Broaddus on Ben and Skin Show - Part Two

    Can Wade ever be the deciding factor in the Cowboys making it all the way to the Super Bowl?

    I have said it many times that the Cowboys are now a team being run by the players. They are now in control and at times it seems the coaching staff, maybe more Jason Garrett than Wade, does some things to hurt the team.

    Over the last few days I have gone over the Vikings playoffs game and I am not sure this team was ready for what they were going to do on defense against Romo and company. The offensive line was nothing less than putrid in that game. Every other play Romo was running for his life as soon as he took the snap. That's not a recipe for success and it's definitely a way to get your *** whipped 34-3 in the playoffs.

    Will have much more with Broaddus tomorrow night on DCFanatic Radio.
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    this is where i disagree with you DC

    how many times did we move the ball in first half, and before vikings score

    how many times did we get close, but come away with lack of execution on offensive line?

    think about this dc,
    1st in giants playoff game 2007 our offensive line played just like in minny like we did in minny game in playoffs

    2nd, our offensive line played same way in 2008 in phily and romo got beat up badly and our offensive line stunk the place up

    we moved the ball in both games, but shot ourselves in the foot, jason garrett got the players in position to score, but we shot ourselves in the foot, by lack of execution from the players

    coaches got the players to be there and get in position to get points but we keep shooting ourselves in the rear end, guys like columbo couldnt swallow their pride and let doug free play, same thing for flozell, when we really needed him, his susposedly calf injury kept him out 2nd half, yet when came time for him to play in probowl flozell was there,

    its the players and execution and coaches lacking the balls so to speak to let players that need to play, play over a player that isnt playing good, or getting onto a player when he needs to be ripped by coaches, etc.. for playing poorly

    i think wade is changing some, and jason garrett needs to change some now to and chew on players when he needs too like when wade got onto players in OTAs in 2 minute drill, as well as coaches,

    now thats something jason needs to change, and wade needs to get alittle more serious and keep his promise, the best players will play regardless of position or seniority
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    For the most part it's 50/50.

    But when I see Jason Witten assigned to block Jared Allen one on one I can't blame Witten when he gets beat. It's up to the coaches to get a feel for what's happening in the grand scheme of things and make adjustments on the fly.

    There has been discussion in the past about Jason Garrett on the sidelines instead of being up in the booth.

    Take the Vikings game. When the rush seemed to coming from every angle and Garrett is only seeing this from a field level I don't think he understands that Romo can't be expected to have success on some plays being called.

    I think Garrett would have had a better understanding of how affective the Vikings rush was and how fast it was coming from the booth. Then he could have immediately called a few plays to slow that down and get the game back in hand.

    But I definitely get what you are saying Joe about the players just getting done on their end no matter what.
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    before I spend time listening to this dc, can you tell me if it is just Ben whining about wade and crayton? I am not sure I can take anymore of ben n skins whining about cowboys stuff.
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    But he's got John up in the booth, and if he can't see it from the sideline (which I'm sure he can), he can see the still photos from overhead afterwards.

    It is frustrating, though. We have a top QB and too much other talent on O to have games like the Packers, Skins, and Vikes games where we just can't do a thing all game long.

    Somehow I suspect Houck isn't all that, but who really knows.
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    a) Jerry Jones doesn't pay Garrett $3 million dollars a year and complete 100% control of the offensive coaching staff, including all of his brothers, to defer to Wade's thoughts on offensive philosophy. Maybe the only good thing we have about our organizational layout is there's no gray area as to where responsibility lies here and who is responsible for what ... Wade is head coach of the defense, Garrett is head coach of the offense.

    b) Players are taught to play through pain and injury. That's part of their job. It's the coach's job to evaluate player performance and put the best players on the field. If another runningback or offensive lineman on the sidelines could have done the job better than the ones on the field, then Garrett didn't do his job of putting the best football players on the field.

    The thing that cracks me up about the Garrett-ophiles is that when the offense is running good they have no problem giving huge heapings of credit Garrett's way for his influence, ingenuity and leadership on the offensive end. When the offense lays a goose egg, well suddenly poor Garrett is completely powerless and helpless and he suddenly has very little impact on the performance of the offense. Sorry, can't have it both ways.

    All I know is that between Bigg, Gurode and Kosier we had over 300 career games started of NFL experience (not to mention an outrageous amount of combined money) on the interior offensive line, and they seemed completely baffled and dumbfounded by the Vikings running high school level stunts and twists. If that isn't a pretty telling example of a team coming into a game unprepared, I don't know what is.
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    I dont think our offensive was confused by the stunts. I think they "choked". Thats what it looks like when an offensive line starts to doubt itself, second guess and reaction instead of create action.

    We had no problem with their stunts the first 2 drives of the game. Moved the ball nicely, had some mind blowingly stupid penalties and then once Minny created a couple of turnovers, the defensive line gained confidence and our lost their hearts.

    No excuses really. Just a horrible game all around.

    This team, both players and coaches, have yet to prove they can perform at the highest levels of pressure. The levels needed to win a game like the one in Minny, or for that matter a superbowl.

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    Broaddus did talk about players letting Garrett down at times (i.e. due to lack of execution) but by no means did he let Garrett off the hook solely on that point. On the contrary, he also pointed to Garrett's predictability by saying that he would like to see Garrett be more creative in 2010, particularly in the red zone.
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    We have seen the offensive line collapse in two playoff games in 2007 and 2009. They made one change with Free. Barron is lurking. Colombo has to prove he can get back to where he was at. I'm not so sure that this team isn't better off with Free at RT and Barron at LT. Davis has to play much better. I do believe Broaddus when he states that Davis' job is on the line, because he keeps saying it. Plus, I've seen some replays of Davis looking really, really bad on some plays. I think Gurode was a little banged up last year, and I'm confident he will step it up and be more consistent.

    When you look at our line, there are questions for sure. I'm sure that the NFC hangs their hats on beating us up front on offense. Gurode and Kosier are my least concerns up front. Both tackles are question marks, imo.

    Kicker is a concern, but they can go get one, I think.

    Finally, unleashing Felix Jones this year will be critical. Even if our line comes together, Dallas will not get to the NFC Championship Game without Jones being totally unleashed. That means getting him to that 16 carry mark and going to 20 if you have to in some games, especially late. However, with Jones, that 15-16 carry mark should get it done. You can pass the ball to him to supplement the 15-16 carry mark and get him the ball in space and with blockers. Jones needs to be a much, much bigger part of this offense. That includes the passing game. He's simply one of the very, very best players on the team. He's the best running back in the NFC.

    Going to the bull pen with Dez Bryant will be key. They can't wait too late. You know Roy Williams will play early,probably. If the line gels and Felix gets the rock, this will not kill Dallas if they wait a while before giving Williams the hook.

    I'd like to see those two TE sets stay. Felix destroys teams out of them.

    With the Cowboys weaknesses up front, I don't see how Garrett can abandon them. Just watch Felix Jones' big plays out of these sets. Plus, TEs can help the tackles block all the great edge rushers the Cowboys will see.

    Green Bay and Denver exposed Dallas in spread sets last year. I don't see how Dallas would be better running more of them this year. That sounds like a trap to me.

    Edit: See Felix Jones 15-16 carry mark

    I forgot about two important things, but I think Dallas has the players to get it done.

    Teams will attack the middle of this defense though the air like we have seen over the past three years. Jason Williams and Shaun Lee will help Dallas get better in this area. The Cowboys are really good against the run, and their two edge cornerbacks are really, really good, so running backs coming out of the backfield, TEs, and slot WRs attacking the middle will be an area to get better on. This isn't anything that they have not seen. That is for sure. I think Allan Ball and Mike Hamlin should be enough at FS. I'm not really concerned about Ball. I guess durability could be a concern with him. He's not the biggest safety. He did do well enough during his starts last year to earn the chance to play. He may not be great, but in this defense, he just has to be adequate, imo.
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    I do agree with this. The man needs to be more consistent. Sure, there are times where he looks like Larry Allen, but too often, he looks like Crawford Kerr.

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