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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dcfanatic, May 17, 2010.

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    Broaddus live report from OTA's

    Here's Bryan Broaddus on The Ben and Skin Show with a report from OTA's today...

    Broaddus from the practice field

    So Roy is double catching passes and Dez is snatching them right out of the air on day one of the offseason OTA's.

    I think Mike Hamlin is going to push Alan Ball for that starting Free Safety job.
  2. 28 Joker

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    I hope Hamlin wins that job, because Ball may not be big enough to hold that job long-term, JMO.

    Felix Jones
    Dez Bryant
    Kevin Ogletree =

    SPEED =

    More TDs

    Feed Felix the rock!

    The Cat needs to eat.
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    IMO Wade even sounds a little doubtful about that.

    But like he said today, our FS is actually not in on a lot of run support, or wasn't last year anyway, because our front seven is pretty good and usually the FS doesn't have to make the tackle.

    Just my reading of the tea leaves, but I don't think Wade is 100% comfortable with Ball back there. He said a couple of times today that he was "a corner playing safety". Of course that means he can cover really well.
  4. 28 Joker

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    I'll tell you this, though. Ball can't be any worse than Ken Hamlin. That guy took terrible angles and avoided contact. I guess getting hit in the head with a street sign will do that to you. Hamlin was bloody dreadful in run support. There are several long runs where his effort was embarrassing. The starting safety at Vanderbilt would have played harder.
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    It was so ironic last year that the one time all season Ken Hamlin filled the hole and laid a nice hit on an opposing RB, he injured his ankle which put him out for a few weeks.
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    Here's Bryan on GAC later on in the day after the session was over with...

    Broaddus on GAC

    Dez and the WR's had a good day from all reports against the DB's.
  7. 28 Joker

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    Good stuff.

    I would be interested in hearing Bryan Broaddus compare and contrast Alex Barron's play in training camp and preseason to what he watched on tape, when he played for the Rams.

    Also, I hope Jerry isn't going to put validating the Roy Williams bad trade and albatross contract above playing the best player at the # 2 WR spot or # 3 WR spot. I don't think he will, but those kind of comments or displays make me wonder a little bit. If Dez Bryant offers you more at that # 2 WR spot, then, he should play, imo. Bryant could put up the numbers and big plays, but Williams would get the huge money. However, the production would be there for Dallas. The Cowboys win. If Dallas wins, Jerry wins. Plus, Jerry drafted Dez Bryant. It's a win/win for Jerry. I hope the coaches will do allow the cream to rise to the top, without pushing it back down.
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    Just when I thought Jerry couldn't be any more of a caricature.
  9. lkelly

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    Did Galloway really say "media gang bang?" Apologies if that's not appropriate to type on this board, but that's what that nutjob said. Awkward.
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    Wade's final consideration is that his style of defense HAS to shut down the run. When your safety is stronger in run support, then that is a concern.
  11. CCBoy

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    Gawk and board considerations aside, I appreciate your continual imputs of relevant, even if biased reporting. At least they contain character in context....but thanks for your efforts.
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    lol...shots fired
  13. dcfanatic

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    Where did this guy come from?

    And when is he going back?

  14. newnationcb

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    He became a member 2 years before you did :rolleyes:
  15. CowboysFaninDC

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    with his size its a question of durability. he still will be more involbved in head on tackles at the line than a CB. at 188 lb can his body take the pounding.
  16. speedkilz88

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    He added to that quote. That he meant body type wise, that he's undersized. It's his durability that they are concerned about.
  17. mrla

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    How about rotating Ball and Hamlin, like we do with the def. lineman, so neither wears down.
  18. dcfanatic

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    And he's been posting here regularly? No.

    You still searching for some Roy highlights that happened in this decade which can prove he's a #1 WR?

  19. CCBoy

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    Don't worry about Fanatic...he's a bark without bite. Always pessimistic but never standing and fighting. Insult is his thing...usually firing blanks in return, unless he's onto another's trail of hot embers. He could probably team up with 'training bra' Engles and corner the market for beligerence.

    As to NOT knowing myself, ask him about 'that other' board he posts his own site's article by himself upon early every morning...and where I was a site author. He never did more than insult and move on...kind of like here up to now, for IF he had some info that would prove a stance - that actually overshadowed full potential for a strong season...well, he would have already played those jokers. No, he couldn't stand up to a sig bet, as he would be proven a hoax. Someone always attaching insult to a view not shared by them, often means they are bluntly abusive.

    If not for an antagonistic media, a receiver such as Roy Williams wouldn't even hit headlines until the season started. No, they have to create hysteria and desparity from a guy working his posterior off and trying to become a star player on a prominent team. For them part of their own satisfaction is creating turmoil for someone else, not nearly deserving such treatment. What other team, where someone had done no criminal or team misdeeds, would persecution run rampant? And anyone not kissing up to that abuse...ostricised and insulted. Man, that is some choice character....

    Myself, I've been wrong in my life about a lot of include wives, but not on this one. If Roy fails, it won't be for being a dingle butt or dim witted...and all the sarcasm fanatic can muster won't change things out of his ego's control.
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    What is this man talking about? I don't even post at any other boards, lol.

    Serious. Someone get him his meds.

    'Training bra Engles' - This dude is weird.

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