Audio: Deion talks Hamlin/Roy on Ben and Skin

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Feb 25, 2010.

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    Deion Sanders sat in with the Ben and Skin Show on ESPN 103.3 today and talked about some Cowboys stuff...

    Deion on Ken Hamlin and Roy Williams

    Good answer, good answer!!! Hamlin isn't the worst Safety in the NFL and if he can promise me he's going to do what he did in 2007 then I would love to pay him $5.5 mil this season and keep him on the team.

    But if he's going to give me what he's given me in 2008 and 2009 then he's not worth that money and he's not making enough happen from his position. Just imagine how much better this defense would be if every now and again he could tip a pass up in the air or come down with an interception on a deep pass.

    Roy trade. Mayhew was clapping with his feet. That just about says it all.

    Roy wasn't worth all that the Cowboys gave up to get him and he's never going to get out from the dark cloud that insane trade has placed over him. it is what it is.
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    While I agree that he hasn't been earning all that money, I think he played better 2009 than he did in 2008. I know a lot of people want INTs, and heck, I'm one of them. But I'd at least be happy with not giving up the big play if we can't get the INTs.
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    yadda yadda yaddddddaaaaa. More hot air. whoopie.
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    I think those are some what the standard feelings and answers that a lot of people would be giving on those two particular players.
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    :laugh2: My feelings exactly.

    Wait a second... who did you direct those comments at?
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    "Not even when I roll out of bed for breakfast"

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    I've been one of Hamlins biggest critics due to his inability to make the big play in the passing game and his inability to be a sure tackler in the open field.

    However hamlin does deserve a lot of credit for helping the team not allow any big plays over the top all year. Wade also gives hamlin a lot of praise for calling coverages and keeping the DBs lined up correctly. Ill have to defer to Wade's expertise on that.

    so I'm sorta on the fence on this hamlin deal. Sure we all want the big plays but what Hamlin did provide last year has some value as well.for instance our ability to keep Philly's deep passing attack under control all 3 games was made possible by Hamlin's positioning on the back end, among other things like a good pass rush.

    I'd probably draft a ballhawking type FS but wait til a few weeks into training camp before deciding whether or not to release Hamlin.
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    Jerry Jones the GM blew it with the Roy Williams deal... Signing Hamlin to a long term deal wasn't a smart move either and I was in favor of locking him up so I have to eat my words on that one as well.

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