Audio: Dez On The Coop & Nate Show

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    I am uploading this entire thing right now. They only podded some of it.

    It was a great interview and David Wells came off pretty good.
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    someone count how many ums he said, lol.

    great interview, im expecting greatness from this kid.
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    I’d say about 60 times.
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    Dez Bryant on with Coop and Nate - 38 minutes!

    Great show by Chuck Cooperstein and Big Nate Newton today on ESPN Radio as they had Dez Bryant and David Wells in studio with them...

    Dez and Wells on Coop and Nate Show

    David Wells. That was good stuff from him. I am starting to feel better about this situation. I have seen a lot of people use these kids up once they get famous and are in line for some bread. But the more Wells talks and stays away from those topics the more I buy into the idea that he's just a guy who has seen what the streets can do to kids with no structure. I know people from all walks of life though and it's ultimately up to Dez to follow the right paths.

    Very impressive comments about Romo commanding the huddle.

    Loved his candor about the Ireland stuff. Admits he was heated, but also realized that he was in a setting that was much more important to this future than just what the events of that day had to offer.

    Dez Bryant seems like a very simple kind of kid. And trust me, he is just a kid still. But sometimes being a little naive can be beneficial because when it comes to football I don't think he's scared of anything on the field. He says the playbook isn't too hard to learn and that he's just got to stay the course. There are plenty of rookies across the league right now who are wondering if they have what it takes to stay on the pro level. Doesn't seem to be the case with Dez at all. That confidence while very 'quiet' should allow him to make a big impact for the Cowboys this season.

    Screw the Lakers. Celtics in six!
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    Thanks for posting that DCF. That was a real good interview.
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    yep we had a monster team at lufkin, lufkin panthers with dez and javorski lane, lane was about 245 in high school,

    if we had reggie mcneal at the same time of dez and lane, we would have won state for 3 years or so.
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    wohoo, just love it, go cowboys! 12-4 or 13-3 this year,
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    Got a chance to ask Gil Brandt and Alex Marvez on Sirius tonight about Dez and David Wells...

    Gil Brandt on Sirius Radio - Jun 4

    I corrected them that I wasn't from Washington D.C. in the very beginning of the call but they just kept going as if I didn't, lol. Whatever.

    I wanted to hear what Gil had heard or known first hand about Wells because he has close ties to the Cowboys.

    And Gil was wrong about that Jerry comment. That was Roy who made a great catch when Jerry asked the reporters if they had seen the catch. I love Gil to death and I listen to Late Hits a lot on Sirius. He's definitely not as sharp as he was once and often I hear him making mistakes about things. Sad because at one time he was the sharpest in the biz.

    Here's that Marvez article too...

    Bryant handling transition to NFL perfectly
    Updated Jun 4, 2010 1:55 PM ET
    IRVING, Texas

    A college prospect with top 10 talent was heartbroken when sliding to the No. 24 pick in April’s NFL Draft. That same wide receiver spent this week working with the first-team offense of a bona fide Super Bowl contender.

    The Dez Bryant rollercoaster hasn’t stopped. In fact, the ride has just begun.

    No player has ever faced such intense pre-draft scrutiny for off-field issues.

    Concerns about Bryant’s maturity, family history and whether he could handle the pressures and temptations inherent in being an NFL player were compounded by his perpetual tardiness for class at Oklahoma State and an NCAA suspension that derailed his junior season. Bryant even claimed Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland asked if his mother was a prostitute during a pre-draft interview.

    There’s only one way for Bryant to put his past to bed -- by giving people something else to talk about. He’s off to a good start so far.

    You can’t ask anything more of a rookie than what Bryant has done since joining the Dallas Cowboys. There are the occasional dips while trying to learn a pro offense -- especially considering he played less than 2½ college seasons -- but Bryant hasn’t gotten discouraged. When he tired at a rookie minicamp, Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett said Bryant didn’t “hide behind the water jug. He wanted as much (practice) as he could get.”


    Who will be the No. 1 receiver in Dallas by year's end?
      • Roy Williams
      • Dez Bryant
      • Miles Austin
      • Patrick Crayton
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    Bryant was a nightmare for opposing defenses at Oklahoma State. At 6-foot-2 and 225 pounds, he is a mismatch waiting to happen against smaller defensive backs.

    “He’s got great talent. The scary thing is he doesn’t even know it yet,”

    Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams said after a recent OTA practice. “Once the light bulb comes on, watch out. His hands ... He shakes my hand and his fingertips come up to my elbows. He just snatches the ball. Once he learns how to run routes instead of thinking about it, he’s going to be unstoppable.”

    The fact that Williams is gushing about a player who could ultimately take his starting spot speaks volumes for how well Bryant has ingratiated himself.

    Bryant wears No. 88 but hasn’t displayed any Michael Irvin-style bravado.

    “I’m trying to work my way in,” Bryant said in front of his locker at Cowboys headquarters. “I’m not where Roy, Miles (Austin) or any of the other receivers are at. I’m just a rookie.”

    If it were only that simple.

    Bryant’s peers won’t face the same intense scrutiny as they try to make their mark. Bryant and his background -- a mother with a drug-dealing past who gave birth to him at age 15, the lies he told NCAA officials when investigated for improper contact with an agent -- will once again become national news should he slip up.

    Yet in some ways, this is the best thing that could have happened for Bryant in the long term. Cowboys coaches say he has arrived on time for every meeting. Bryant usually arrives to practice early and stays late to catch extra passes and punts. Bryant is said to hang with a large entourage off the field -- which can often be a harbinger of trouble to come -- but that isn’t an issue yet and may never become one. His criminal record remains spotless.

    At age 21, Bryant is well on his way to truly becoming an adult.

    “He’s yes-sir, no-sir,” Cowboys wide receivers coach Ray Sherman said. “He pays attention. He asks questions if he doesn’t understand something. He’s been great.

    “He’s done an outstanding job dealing with what he’s dealt with. For a young man not to blow up on somebody or come out and say things, he’s kept everything in check. He’s done a tremendous job of just focusing on what he has to do and let everyone know, ‘I’m fine. The family is fine. Let’s just move on. I want to play football.’ It’s very impressive.”

    Bryant said prayer and his positive nature kept him from imploding while being picked apart in the pre-draft process.

    “I know what kind of guy I am and the people who know me do, too,” Bryant said. “I feel like I’m doing a good job moving on. I’m here with the Dallas Cowboys, my dream team. Everything is great.”

    A ticket to NFL greatness may be next.

    I do see greatness is this kid's future.
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    yeah dc, gil is getting old, we all are, since following cowboys the ones of us since the 60s

    i used to could remember stuff and have a photographic memory on anything i saw on tv, video etc, but i find myself forgetting things now and then, guess im getting old at 57 (ever since i got bit by a brown recluse spider on my head, my memory hasnt been as good)

    ok question dc, there is always 2 sides to an argument, you even heard david wells say on air with him and dez, they both know when they are lying to each other, at least thats what i thought i heard, sometimes what one persn hears is something different another person hears on video but why lie, lying just gets you in more trouble and you have to try to cover things up, not worth it, keep your word, your word is your bond and people will trust you more

    maybe what david meant to say was when dez and david are bsing each other, they know when they are;

    if you get my drift, but what areas did you catch gil makes some mistakes?
    with the their is always 2 diffferent sides to a story, you have to almost really get both sides, and have documented stuff to know the real truth

    i feel you should always tell the truth, be totally honest, no bs, thats what i try to do,

    i might get misunderstood or have my own opinions, but hey thats me

    like i heard david wells say he isnt an agent for dez, that eugene parker was, at least thats what i thought i heard, but at same time gil said he was, but david wells said also at same time, i will let dez tell you his version of that, and i will give my version

    so who is telling the truth on that part?

    im not accusing anyone just asking

    if i was as still sharp as gil though at age 77 he is now, i would be happy when im at that age;
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    i remember when gil was a part time baby photographer, or when i would send the cowboys some stuff and gil would write me back, those were the good ole days

    or the ton of talent gil found for us, like bob hayes, rayfield wright, drew pearson, cliff harris, toni fritsch,

    yep those were the good ole days;
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    Dez Bryant is going to be a BEAST!
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    Is your period key broken;

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