Audio: ESPN 103.3 Post Game Show - Broaddus and Choppy

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Aug 13, 2010.

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    Post Game Show - Raiders 17, Cowboys 9

    There's a Tony Romo interview from the field at the end of this too.

    Wish we were talking about how we should calm down about the offense after lighting it up so far this preseason, but that's not the case.

    Still only preseason though and I am sure we get a good look at the first team offense for a half against the Chargers.

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    Every year we fall for the preseason head fake. The good defensive play means nothing. The poor offensive play means nothing. The only thing that means anything is the injuries, and we've lost a contributor for the year already.

    And, thanks for the link, dc.
  3. dcfanatic

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    I thought it was a great job by Broaddus pointing out at the end of the show that most of the stuff he sees the Cowboys working on in the goalline stuff down at the training camp practices have not even shown up yet from the first team offense in these two games.

    Made me feel better. I know all of this is just practice and we can't get too high or too low on what happens in the games, but it's a natural reaction to get pumped up or deflated whether or not the team scores in the Red Zone.

    I also think Romo is not playing like himself. He's not known as a QB who holds the ball too long while hanging out in the pocket. If anything he takes off and we all hold our breath.

    May see the Cowboys come out against the Chargers and run a whole bunch of plays we have seen work over and over again. They could use a little confidence boost and that should help them out against a Chargers D which will probably playing very vanilla stuff.
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    I like listening to Broaddus, but @ the same time, while he is breaking down plays, he doesn't know the exact dynamics of each play, as he is not on the coaching staff.
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    If Broaddus didn't think that Adam Jones could have guarded the quick out, the way he was lined up, he is crazy.... Jones would have been all over the quick out.....
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    I laugh about the NFL rule that opposing scouts are barred from attending our free practices..

    I'm sure (insert name here), the area scout for the Eagles, paints his face blue and white, a wig and and Romo jersey, sits in the Alamodome, and reports the whole practice into his Iphone recorder.
  7. laythewood28

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    I was wondering how they keep track. IMO training camps should me off limits to everyone.
  8. jterrell

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    When you have double digit players out things tend to look pretty bleak.

    Not only that but we quickly went to the bench. The Raiders finished that game using 2 QBs... we used 4.

    We didn't even have a TE after Witten so were using McQ and a guy who's been here 2 days(1 practice).

    If relaxing was ever in order it is now.
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    So true. I am getting sick and tired of these so call experts pouncing on any none story. It is like a pack of vultures watching a pride of lions, hoping they die so they can dine on their royal flesh. When you examine reality, the three things that we were concerned about might turn out to be three strengths.

    The more I see Free the more he appears to be the real deal. Also, Ball and the super kicker look good too. The only other worry I have is Colombo but if he doesn't shape up I wouldn't be surprise if the brass says screw it and go with Young with help especially if you going to help on that side anyway.
  10. baj1dallas

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    errr...yes he is. Maybe he moves around in the pocket but he couldn't do that against Oakland for obvious reasons.
  11. Nightshade

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    Pretty sure they stay with Columbo no matter how he does in these pre-season games. Young holding his own against scrubs won't change that.
  12. 28 Joker

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    If Marc Colombo keeps playing like that, he's going to get hooked, imo.

    Romo had a sore back last night.

    The Cowboys better start talking about a backup plan at RT and get that player reps now.

    It will be interesting to see if Barron starts getting reps at RT.

    If I was the coach, he would.

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