Audio: KO sits in with Ben and Skin

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    KO sits in with the Ben and Skin Show

    Kevin Ogletree really did some great things last season for an undrafted rookie free agent and I think his future with the Cowboys is very bright. If you told me that in 2011 he was running as the 3rd WR behind Miles and Dez I would say you were dead on with this assessment.

    Here's KO on with's Ben and Skin Show...

    KO talks about his role with the Cowboys

    When you have KO, Dez and Miles on the field the speed and athleticism is going to be tough for the opposing defensive backs to match up with. All three guys are big and fast, but they are also smooth.

    No. Miles Austin hasn't 'gone Hollywood'. He had his blip on the radar a few months back, but he quickly realized being around the team was the place he should be and he got back to Dallas.

    And Miles is in Hollywood right now and isn't having a great day, lol. From his Twitter account...

    I just ordered and ate food and don't have my wallet with me! What do I do?!
    about 1 hour ago via UberTwitter

    I'm still here stalling... At the griddle cafe in LA hahahahaha just ordered another orange juice
    about 1 hour ago via UberTwitter

    After the waiter let me off the hook, I was in the same predicament at the parking garage. Never thought I would be glad to be in LA traffic.
    16 minutes ago via UberTwitter

    I did call The Griddle and offered to pay for Miles lunch but they would not allow me to pay over the phone with a credit card. So I told the guy that I think Miles is good for the loot at a later date, lol.

    Back to KO.

    I like that he knows his role and in the past he has made comments about being patient and learning from the route Miles took to get to where he is at this stage of his career. This tells me the kid has a good head on his shoulders and will be in the game for the long term. He also talks about making sure he has a role on special teams which is always a smart thing for young players.
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    woohoo, what do you really think about ogletree now DC,

    and look out for titus ryan, i am hearing good things about him too

    but we have to truly and wait and see how ryan does with the pads on and in contact with dbs. but i still keep hearing good things

    roy w just might be out of a job and traded next year, if he really doesnt step up this year, with Dez, Ogletree, Ryan and Austin on the team

    wooohooo! Look out NFL here comes the dallas cowboys now!
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    Great kid. Seems smart.
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    what i liked dc is where miles has taken ogletree under his wing and tutoring him while saying that KO has that swag or whatever you want to call it,

    wooohoooo another leader has stepped up on this team big time, without the drama like a wr 2 years ago, and you know who i mean right DC? Go Miles!

    boy, i cant wait till ogletree and dez are in the slot, with austin and roy on outside, can you just imagine our speed at 4 wr sets DC

    woohoo, lookout NFL here comes the Dallas Cowboys
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    IMO, hope Garrett doesnt call 4 Wr formations often unless Witten plays one of the slots and motions from the slot to his normal TE position. The opposing D just has to blitz to get to Romo. Barber would also have to stay in the backfield to pick up the blitz. Our 3 Wr sets are scary enough.
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    true, but i was thinking this, if we just use the 4 wr set once or twice in a game to about say 4 games and hit some big plays on it, then defenses have to spend extra time on it to prepare which will take away from their preparing on other stuff right, which might open holes for us elsewhere on offense right?

    kinda like with the bubble screens with ogletree, wasnt many but when used was very effective, and teams had to prepare

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