Audio: Miles, Buehler and Jerry on 105.3 The Fan

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    Miles, Buehler and Jerry on 105.3 The Fan

    Here's a trifecta of interviews on 105.3 The Fan from earlier today.

    Miles Austin - I'm on a plane! I'm on a plane!

    Miles was doing his part to try and get the ball into the end zone. I wonder if that was a regular season would Romo look for Miles and Witten more once the field gets shortened.

    It has to feel like Training Camp is beginning all over again for these players.

    Colleges are now banning players from Twitter? That's pretty stupid. What's the difference between Twitter and a kid having a website. None.

    I really hope Miles letting people know in this interview that he doesn't have a Facebook account isn't a surprise to anyone. I tried to let people know months ago that he didn't have one.

    David Buehler thinks you should trust him by now...

    Buehler on 105.3 The Fan

    These interviews on The Fan are kind of rough. Asking him how he kicks the ball into the End Zone? Come on dude. Can we just ask him some questions that we want to hear the answer to at least three times during the interview.

    Here's Jerry talking in circles...

    Jerry Jones on The Fan liking everything

    So he's ok that the offense could not put up any TD's, but then he's disappointed that he couldn't 'get on top of that score'.

    Can this man go thru one interview without using the word 'relative'. That's how you know he's trying to sell you something every time out. Blah blabbity blah, but relative to the blabbity blah. Sometimes I can listen to Jerry and I'm fine with this run around speak. Right now isn't one of them I guess, lol.

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