Audio: Off With The Helmets w/Bradie and Felix (GREAT LISTEN)

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    Off With The Helmets w/Bradie and Felix

    By dcfanatic,

    Really good episode of Off With The Helmets last night with Bradie James and Felix Jones on 103.3 ESPN Radio...

    Off With The Helmets - Part One

    How can you not love Bradie as a team leader? He's a settled in veteran now and his mind is right. That's what you want in a MLB.

    'Everyone says that we are talented, but everyone in the league is talented. It's about an actual team. When the funk hits the fan on Sunday you know you can count on that person(teammates).'

    That's gold. And it's something I talked about on DCFanatic Radio on Monday night.

    Felix was awesome in there too. It's takes 11!

    Off With The Helmets - Part Two

    Off With The Helmets - Part Three

    I know I say all these shows/videos/audio clips are awesome, but this show was really great. Bradie getting on Kevin Ogletree was good stuff. They know he's a rook, but they accept him and love him.

    Felix got jokes!

    Things are just running so smooth right in Cowboys Nation.

    Feels good, real good!
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    Great stuff DC! I always thought that Bradie's talent could not sustain his desire to take a leadership role on the team, but I was wrong because the team buys into him in that regard and that's all that matters.

    He's another brick in what's becoming a wall that will be hard to tear down.

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