Audio: Audio: Roy Williams on KVET in Austin (from May 14th)

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dcfanatic, May 17, 2010.

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    Roy Williams on KVET in Austin

    Didn't we hear all kinds of stuff last season about Romo and Roy looking good in the offseason workouts? Now he says they were horrible and that it carried into the season.

    'Hit the lottery'. Then he says right away it's not about the money, lol. No, it was definitely about the money.

    And this host putting this guys name in with Michael Irvin and Terrell Owens is just silly.

    'Didn't even get a ball thrown my way in that game'. Uh yeah. Romo was barely able to stay on his feet so there weren't a lot of balls going around if you weren't wide open.
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    Roy's a good guy who honestly wants to improve and for this team to win. You can't be mad at that. And he did hit the lottery in terms of going from a perrenial loser in Detroit to what we've got in Dallas.

    He was also right about getting the ball on the run and not being a 'stop and go' type of wr. His first td last year was nice and he surprised me a bit with his speed. I think he'll show and prove this season with more rhythm between he and Romo.

    RW Bandwagon +1
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    I'm on Roy's bandwagon as well. I think he'll rebound and have a good year.

    I'm glad he's confident. But I agree with Alexander that he does talk a little about UT too much. Of course, I think he might be doing that to pander to the fan base. I don't know if he talked about the Longhorns when he was with Detroit.

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