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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dcfanatic, Dec 9, 2009.

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    Cowboys: One eye on the media, one on Chargers

    By dcfanatic, December 9, 2009 5:56 pm

    Last night all of this Cowboys vs the media stuff was fun for a few minutes even if I didn't think it was a great thing that one of the players was worried about how the media perceives the head coach or the players.

    But now we come to today.

    Seems Ken Hamlin can't tackle anybody and won't be playing this Sunday, but he sure can jump up to scare some media members out of the locker
    room when the media session is over...

    Steve Dennis on getting yelled at in the locker room today

    I don't care about Steve Dennis. I don't care that he's an abrasive reporter who is looking to bait Wade Phillips into arguing with him at the pressers. I don't care if the players like him or hate him.

    But to wait until the end of the session after sitting in the same room with the guy for 35 minutes and then acting like a tough guy when the loud speaker makes an announcement that the session is now over by yelling at the man like he's some 12 year old is kind of weak if you ask me.

    What's the matter Ken, you didn't have the balls to go after him as soon as he entered the room?

    And I know Ken Hamlin was the ring leader here. Jay Ratliff and Marion Barber were in on this deal as well.

    Why can't this team just let the media say whatever they want without taking it to heart and feeling as if they need to create a distraction for the team by doing things like this?

    How does this help the team win on Sunday?

    Hamlin isn't even playing this week. So he's not going to be helping out all that much. Why doesn't he just leave the situation alone and let it die? Is it that big of a deal if some reporter called you a loser? Which he didn't by the way, but I am not even going to argue that point right now.

    Ken Hamlin, Marion Barber and Jay Ratliff have such thin skin that they are all up in arms about Steve 'Radio Boy' Dennis starting up a little fire at a presser?

    I'm a grown man. I could care less if someone calls me a loser. I could care less what people think of me. Why would I? I know who I am. Don't these players know who they are? Do they need everyone to always be sending sunshine their way? Have they fallen so hard for the 'sun has to always be shining' mantra that Wade has been selling for three years that they are this easily irritated by a member of the media?

    These are the men who are going to be facing the San Diego Chargers on Sunday. What if the Chargers call them losers? They are going to stand there on the field and start arguing back and forth with the Chargers?

    I just don't get it. We already had this scenario play out last season where the team decided the media was one of their enemies. How well did that end?

    Is this a team who is known as a strong willed tough minded group who can handle any and all adversity thrown their way as they head into a Super Bowl run?

    No. They are as a matte of fact just the opposite. They fell apart as a team last season when all of the media BS began.

    And it's not exactly the same scenario. But it does have one thing in common. The enemy.

    The media is once again the enemy for the Dallas Cowboys.

    So now the Cowboys have two enemies to focus on this week. The Chargers and the media.

    I was hesistant to say the Cowboys could defeat the Chargers when they only had that battle to fight. Now we throw in a second enemy and I am even less confident that I am going to be a happy man come Sunday night.
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    forgot to mention the idiot homer fans
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    You media guys, I swear. Not one of you can ever stand up to one of these players when they're in your face, but as soon as they turn around you smear them all over your little media outlet.

    I would love to see you go up to Marion, Jay, or Ken and say they aren't tough. I think we all know you won't, but it'd be funny to see.

    Nothing to see here, carry on.
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    Hate to tell Steve Dennis, but you basically did call them losers and they are not going to like it.
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    Exactly what I was thinking. What a joke.
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    I'll keep it short and simple. Teams take on the personality of their coach. Their coach went after the media at first, and their players are following.

    You cant expect to have a cupcake as a coach and expect to have hardened players. It's no surprise we have the softest thin-skinned roster in the league. But with different leadership, I think a few tigers can change their stripes.
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    Too bad one of them didn't smack him in the back of the head.
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    Yeah, like you would tough guy.
  9. Chief

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    I think there's a lot of truth to that.
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  11. utrunner07

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    Seems your attitude towards this team has changed 180 since mid season? Maybe Im reading too much into this post though?
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    Interesting. So when Brooking got into it with a media member you could understand it and he was doing his job but when others do it they're children with thin skin and you think it's a terrible thing.
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    How did Wade go after the media? Everyone (including me) was criticizing him on Monday for letting himself be a punching bag and not fighting back when Dennis was giving him hell.

    And the distinction DC isn't getting is that they are defending their coach, not themselves. I'm sure Hamlin and Barber have heard themselves called bums before and never said a word.
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    Good teams ignore the media and remain focused especially when it counts. Our current team chooses to look for reasons(the media) to lose games. This team will either come out with a chip on its shoulder or fold under the December pressure. I'll go with the latter until this team proves otherwise. Prove me wrong Boys.
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    Jay Ratliff has thicker skin than you will ever know.

    The issue here is that we have a local media and BSPN that constantly attacks the Cowboys regardless if they are winning or losing.

    We can understand ESPN for doing so since it's a ratings and Web site click boost for them to bash the Cowboys. What we can't forgive is their extremely high level of inaccuracy and hiding behind 'well, our source told us this and that.' Whether anybody likes it or not, a key part of the job being a professional reporter is to report with accuracy, regardless if the story is coming from a source. When you fail to do that, you fail at your job as a professional reporter.

    The local Dallas media is almost as bad, but they would rather focus their time on baiting players and coaches to get that soundbyte or take something completely out of context.

    I've taken courses in journalism and media production in college and considered a career in journalism but realized that with the internet that probably spelled doom for the newspaper industry (and I was right for once). I talk to friends that are journalists of the AP, a major NYC paper, a South Carolina paper and a major paper in the midwest. Talk to at least one of them once a week.

    Baiting players and coaches and desperately grasping for any soundbyte isn't what journalism is about regardless if ESPN or any media outlet thinks elsewise.

    Yes, many times the players just have to shrug it off and pay no mind, but in Dallas it is non-stop and having lived in Long Island for a few years, the NYC media pales in comparison to the criticism they give the G-Men compared to what the Dallas media goes out of its way to bash the Cowboys. I can tell you right now if the G-Men were 8-4 and lost to Dallas at Dallas, you wouldn't hear 1/2 the gripes in NYC that you hear in Dallas. And that's even if the G-Men never won the Super Bowl in '07.

    I actually never had a problem with Dennis until this incident. It just reeked of so much desperation and it's obvious he was going to keep badgering Wade no matter what he said.

  16. Maikeru-sama

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    But shouldn't they already have a chip on their shoulder?

    They haven't won a Playoff game in ages and their Head Coach is in the last year of his contract, so they should already be rallying those themes.
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    No. The idea is that you didn't get off the phone with someone who was in the locker room and saw all of this go down.

    It had nothing to do with Wade.

    It was all about Steve Dennis calling them losers.

    Roy Williams was in on it too. He was pointing at Dennis and asking aloud..

    "Is that the guy that called us losers?"

    This was Hamlin trying to bully a reporter.

    He can't bully any WR's or TE's or RB's, but he can bully Steve Dennis.

  19. Idgit

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    I agree with the sentiment, but I fail to see how responding to unfair criticism, when it's labeled over and over each time you reply to it, constitutes 'thin skin.' I also don't characterize players sticking up for their coach as being thin skinned. Given all the subtle digs the team's been taking at the local media all season, I'm surprised anybody's surprised at this reaction. Personally, it's overdue and I'm glad to see it.
  20. BrAinPaiNt

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    I don't know if you are just trying to bait over and over again with this troll like two faced posting or if you honestly believe half the crap you type.

    "I'm a grown man. I could care less if someone calls me a loser. I could care less what people think of me. Why would I?"

    You seriously type that and expect us to believe that when anytime anyone argues with one of your points you go on to call them sheep, homers or koolaid drinkers and in another post today basically call the forum full of idiot homers? Seriously. Make up your mind are you a tough guy that does not care about what people think of you or are you the guy that constantly acts like a child having a temper tantrum when someone questions you? Or again are you just trolling for responses?

    No bull how about giving us an honest answer. Do you really not care about what people say about you or is that false, are you just trolling for responses?

    I will rag on some reporters for their opinions if I don't agree them but if they are doing it in an opinion piece column so be it. That is different than basically wanting a HC to call his team a bunch of losers and badgering him to say that in the middle of a live PC...not an opinion piece column but a live PC. He was about as unprofessional as a journalist can be in badgering the person and then turning what should be the story and reporting on it into the story HE wants and reporting on it. It is pathetic and what is worse is it is becoming the norm anymore and we see a bunch of wanna be media guys getting their egos stroked by making some contact with legit media guys so they go on defending what would get a person fired for in the days when the media had integrity. Another sad thing is, it is not just the reporters like this that are responsible for their actions, it is their bosses as well as they encourage this type of thing.

    But spare me the crapola that you could care less when everything you have posted when anyone questions you is the exact opposite of that line of yours.

    Good grief wade is not a good coach, we deserve a better head coach but to have a reporter do what dennis did with nothing more than an agenda to try and get the guy to say his team is losers and to make a story instead of reporting is a shame.

    But I am sure if you hold true to form you will just blow anyone that questions that off as some idiotic homer on a message board that you seem to loath or think is full of idiotic homers instead of staying on your own board that encompasses everything.

    Give me a break.:rolleyes:

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