Audio: Tashard Choice talks future on Ben and Skin Show

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Jun 17, 2010.

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    Tashard Choice on Ben and Skin

    I think the role Tashard plays this year may be a little more significant, but when you have three RB's all looking to get carries it's tough. If Marion Barber comes back this season and stays healthy for the entire season and Felix continues to do what he does Tashard Choice will probably be looking for a trade next offseason.

    I still say Choice should have been playing in the four or five weeks after Marion Barber got hurt in Week Two against the Giants. No one can convince me that a one legged MBIII is better than a completely healthy Tashard Choice.
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    Good interview. Choice is the real deal on and off the field. Very sad to see his talent wasted on the sideline last season. Hopefully he will get more opportunities soon. He is a good guy.
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    That's my boi!!!!!!!!! The right choice is Tashard Choice!
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    Ive always been so conflicted with this problem, part of me just wishes we would ship barber out of here and let choice and jones split the carries but then the other part knows how good barber looked at the beginning of last season before he got hurt so i just dont know.

    If i had to chose i think id ship barber though, we know what we have with him but with choice theres untapped potential and weve seen enough to know that if theres anything at all wrong with barber hes absolute junk on the field.
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    I just hope that we get to see some more of choice. I still think he has more than razorback sweep left.
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    Choice will be an interesting topic this year. I think Dallas is saving his legs and body for years to come. So that's why we really haven't seen much of Barber. It took Barber a while to earn the starting role and take it from Julius. That's the way it should be here, too.

    Some say Choice has earned the role. He's shown flashes and I'd certainly like to see more of him this season.
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    After it recently came out about MB III's injury and the week in which it came in. I can't understand why Tashard wasn't bumped into the starters role as MB III healed. I wonder who made that decision? And the logic behind it?

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