Audio: Wade says Sean Lee is the Dez Bryant of the defense

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    Wade: Sean Lee is the Dez Bryant of the defense!

    Wade Phillips sat down with Gil Brandt and Vic Carucci of Sirius NFL Radio earlier today as they visited training camp...

    Wade Phillips on Sirius NFL Radio - July 25th

    Good stuff from Wade in there and I love hearing how excited he is about what Sean Lee ca do in this defense. As much as hype as Dez Bryant is getting these days it's high praise for Wade to say Lee is the Dez of the defense.

    Today Keith Brooking sat out a practice to rest his knee a little (no problems, but he had the surgery this Spring) and Lee and Jason Williams were splitting first team reps along side Bradie James.

    From reading the reports I remember that Lee made a great play by recognizing early where a short pass was going and got into position to make a tackle and stop a long gain. While on the opposite end of the spectrum I remember reading Williams mad a bad read and went the wrong way on a play. Now there are two plays out of many, but I think this is a scenario which will play out in this fashion more often than not.

    That Nickel LB job will be Lee's come September. It's going to be interesting to see if it's Lee and Brooking or Lee and Bradie when we see two LB's on the field in passing situations.
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    Sean Lee is a pure monster. I had the pleasure of attending PSU and getting to watch him up close and personal his entire career there. The kid is just a hard nosed beast of a football player. He plays the game the right way, does anything you ask, can go up against people twice his size, and is lightening quick to the football. Not to mention when he does get there.. he WILL hit you. You'll know it was him before you get up. I loved it when i heard his named called for us and i think he'll be a great starter for years to come and if he's not it won't be for lack of effort or desire that's for damn sure.
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    I'm most curious to see Lee the tackler.

    I don't doubt he'll make reads and get himself in position. What I'm eager to watch his his strength and savvy at putting someone on the ground.
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    I don't know. How can you believe all of this hype about the players and so forth? I think it's difficult for us, the fans, to evaluate players until we see them in an actual game. So, I'm not condemning or commending Sean Lee 'til I see him play in pre-season.
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    He sounds like the anti Barbie Carp if he will HIT you :)
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    Love The Pick! He Is Going To Put Someone On The Bench By Next Year..this Year They Will Go With A 3 Lb Rotation...james Brooking And Him
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    I have a feeling this will be Brooking's last season in the NFL.
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    I hope not but it would not be a shock if it were.
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    :laugh1: sure, Wade.
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    Hopefully Jerry has his coaching contract waiting.
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    How awesome would that be.

    I'd love to keep that guy around as long as possible....that man's spirit can be infectious.
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    LB Sean Lee is already making plays no one else can make

    Posted on July 25, 2010 at 8:46 PM

    Updated yesterday at 8:55 PM

    SAN ANTONIO, TX - Cowboy’s rookie linebacker Sean Lee has quickly discovered that and NFL training camp is different then what he has ever experienced before.

    "If you're going against the first team offense there's no room for mistakes," Lee says. "In college there was a little bit of room you could make up for, but here you have to be perfect every play."

    Lee as selected in the second round as the teams 55th overall pick from Penn State. He was the last of the seven picks to agree to a contract on Friday. He has already discovered the advantage of having guys like Keith Brooking and Bradie James on his team.

    "It's been great. They're really gracious," Lee says. "Those are guys who have had a ton of success and I'm really blessed to be on a team with those guys. Every time Keith comes out, when he makes a really nice play I'll be like, 'How did you read, what were you reading, what did you do to make that play,' and he goes through his process of what he saw and how he plays a certain defense and it really helps me."

    "Sean Lee is going to be fine as far as the learning is concerned," says head coach Wade Phillips. "I think just the playing, knowing what to do, but how to do it I think that's going to take a little bit. He should have lined up a little deeper on one of the stunts today, you know the detail stuff. Again he knows what to do, but certain things, they had a stunt in front of him and if he had lined up deeper he could have made the play easier.

    Phillips says Lee is already making plays that nobody else is able to make. "They ran a play one way and cut back the other way and he's supposed to fill over the top on one side, he filled over the top and cut back the other way and made the tackle over there," says Phillips. "You just don't see that. Some of it is instinct. He's a really good player, and I think he's going to overcome some of the mistakes he’s making."

    Lee knows he has a lot to learn and knows his instincts haven't fully kicked in yet.. "There's still thinking," says Lee. "It's just that there's a lot of wrinkles and a lot of formations, and it's the first time I'm playing again for the first time; going through that whole thing. Like I said I feel like I've looked good on some plays and on other plays I've looked bad; I'm all over the place. It's frustrating because you want to be perfect but you can't expect to be perfect. The thing you can expect is to get better each day."

    Phillips says he expects Lee to get significant playing time this season. He is competing with Jason Williams for the nickel linebacker role. He is also expected to be back up to Brooking and James.
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    Lol.. oh trust me, watch on. He can hit, there's no question about that.
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    That seems doubtful. Dez Bryant appears to be on a whole other level for a rookie. Yes, it will take him time to fully realize his potential, but he appears to have just abnormal ability right now. If Lee were on that level, he wouldn't be splitting time with Jason Williams.
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    Im not sure what you're referring to that seems doubtful, but everyone splits time in TC as a rookie. Dez is splitting time with Crayton as the 3rd receiver running with the first team too.. doesn't mean a thing. Its TC, there is going to be competition for every spot, nothing is handed to anyone.
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    "Sean Lee is the Dez Bryant of the defense"

    That seems doubtful.
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    Well its not meant to be taken in a literal sense, and it came straight from the head coach with no prompting, so i'd say its the truth. I don't think you quite understand just how good Lee is going to be, and as i said he's rotating with Williams just as Dez is rotating with Crayton. Its TC, competition is the name of the game.
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    Great to hear an analysis from a first hand account on many occasions.
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    Let me get this straight. You want me to "tap the brakes"? :rolleyes:

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