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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dcfanatic, Jan 20, 2010.

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    Werder gives us his Wade thoughts

    By dcfanatic,

    Your favorite ESPN reporter and mine Ed Werder chimes in with his thoughts on Wade Phillips being brought back by the Cowboys on Galloway and

    Werder on GAC

    Now I know many of you hate Mr. Werder.

    But when he throws out the Marion Barber and Roy Williams stuff you can't deny he has a very valid point. All that money is going to two guys who cannot be looked at as the dynamic players on this offense.

    That's not a good recipe for a championship. Something has to change in 2010.

    Barber and Roy will still be here, but if they are still the highest paid
    players at their position and they aren't even starting it just makes Jerry Jones look like a silly General Manager who jumps the gun at big spending because he's desperate.
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    I agree with what Werder said about Roy and Barber. too much money for too little production. that money could go to players who produce more than just blocking skills. also like Werder said they gotta stop playing guys based on salary and play them based on production like it should be. but that's not the way it is cause this is Jerry's system and it sucks. I know we just won a playoff game but players shouldn't be playing based on their salary if they aren't performing especially if they're injured like Barber was and you know you have 2 guys who can fill in in Jones and Choice.

    another thing that sucks about Jerry's system is no gm. I know that it's not gonna change and we have a solid roster right now. I can't help but feel Jerry got lucky with guys like Romo and Austin. I know every team gets lucky with some picks but your franchise qb and wr wentr undrafted! luck had to do with that imo. also they should've done this sooner but if they don't start addressing the o-line effectively this offseason we're gonna be in major trouble real soon.

    last but not least the #1 thing that sucks about Jerry's system is the coaching situation. 1st off you got Jerry hiring the staff before the HC. one of those guys on the staff is expected to replace the HC sooner or later. right away you put tension between those coaches and add the fact that the HC has very little input if any at all with the offense. I'm pretty sure i'm not the only one who thinks Wade and the ginger's relationship isn't a very healthy one.

    so now imo the only thing to do is A: hope Jerry changes(very doubtful) or B: hope the team can overcome these things until Jerry goes away and hands the team down to his son Stephen.
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    We don't like Mr. Hair Piece because he's woefully inaccurate with his 'reports' on the Cowboys and has an obvious vendetta against Jerry, Wade and Roy.

    His inaccuracy and vendetta hurts his credibility on anything he has to say about the Cowboys and really anything he says in regards to football, period.

    I think Felix should be starting and we should look for a suitable replacement for Roy. But, Roy at #2 and Crayton at #3 (which Mr. Hair Piece said it wouldn't happen because Roy would always be #1 and Miles would be stuck at #2, but that's another inaccurate claim for another time) was still better than Crayton at #2 and Roy at #3.

    I would like to see Felix start and Choice back him up. But, that still doesn't mean Barber is an awful tailback. Plus, the teammates have a ton of respect for Marion, something that Mr. Hair Piece seems to throw aside as having no importance (or ignores that Marion is a team leader).

    In essence, it's not that I don't agree with maybe trading Marion and releasing Roy (with 2010 likely uncapped, we *can* trade Roy and it probably would be a good idea to do the best we can to cut our losses...whether it happens is another story, but it *can* very well happen). It's that having those two on our team wasn't the reason why we lost and it wasn't like we were a complete failure this year.

    Pretty much every playoff team has some problems at least with 1-2 positions, guys getting over-paid. Mr. Hair Piece makes it look like a catastrophe when it's more or less the norm for the league, even with Super Bowl teams and something we need to address, but is hardy cataclysmic.

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    Did he get lucky with Felix, Witten, Choice, Barber (who not too long ago was fantastic), Ware, Ratliff, Newman, Jenkins, Scandrick, Bradie, etc, etc?

    It's not like other great teams didn't get lucky as well. The Colts are a team everybody raves about and to get where they are now they had to be terrible enough to have the 1st overall pick and then they got a guy that is a once in a lifetime QB.

    GM really isn't a problem at this moment. Most teams don't have the roster we do.

    I also disagree that we play guys solely on what they are getting paid. It's more complex than that. Marion lost more carries to Felix, but do you really want to give up on a guy midway thru the season that not too long ago was a very excellent tailback?

    No, you stick it out a bit and see what he has.

    It's like Parcells once said about Darren give them some 'credit' because they are veterans that have built up some credit, so they don't have to show they can do it every single day, but they do have to show that they can still do it from time to time.

    Roy at #2 with Crayton at #3 was better than Crayton at #2 and Roy at #3. Crayton doesn't get open much anymore against quality corners. He can still be effective against backup corners and that's what the team did.

    A guy like Colombo is a good example of it not being such a clear cut situatin. He was brought back because he's been a good player (even recently) and is a team leader. Not letting him become the starter after coming back from injury, sets a bad tone on the team. Plus, he has more experience coming into the playoffs.

    Of course, these are things Mr. Hair Piece would rather ignore. And he still hasn't explained that Miles was the #1 WR when he said that it wouldn't happen and he coudn't make any plays from there.

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    Also, who says Roy and MBIII can't restructure?
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    Restructure gives them the same amount of money, it just gives them the money quicker (usually) so the team can use it against the cap.

    The fact is that teams very rarely just bench a guy for poor play when the guy has performed for them before, unless there's an injury involved or if it's a long standing problem with his play. I don't think Marion is one of those cases, so they gave him a chance. Happens all of the time. Mr. Hair Piece apparently doesn't understand it and if he ran a team, players would get benched all of the time and we would have benched Romo early on because of his play. Witten had a few penalties early on in the Philly playoff game, we should've benched him in place of John Phillips.

    With Roy, we simply did not have any better situation available. Roy as #2 and Crayton as #3 was better than the other way around because Crayton can't get open on starting corners. Ogletree is an undrafted rookie and Sam Hurd is Sam Hurd.

    You just deal with it as best as you can for now, then hopefully make good adjustments in the offseason.

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    I mentioned in the post that you quoted that every team gets lucky. I also said having our 2 biggest offensive weapons(Romo and Miles) being undrafted and turning out the way they did that some luck played it's part imo. If you don't know what "imo" means it means In My Opinion.

    gm is a problem because we have all these weapons on offense yet we have an old o-line and an inexpierenced OC who doesn't know how to utilize these weapons correctly. you know who hired the OC and has failed to address the lack of youth on the o-line?
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    I truly believe that if we win a Superbowl with this current team that Marion Barber will be a part of it. A lot of people have lamented the chest-pounding after 4 yard runs, and I agree that gets frustrating. But it's an undeniable fact that MB3 brings something to the table that we don't have a lot of on offense. That being a certain attitude that says "I'm not afraid of anything you do, I'm gonna do what I do because I want it more." Slate will probably kill me for this, but it's kind of like the position LeBron is in right now, he wants to win, but does he need to win? Kobe NEEDS it. LeBron is a better player than Kobe at this point, but he hasn't broken through that ceiling of deciding that winning is more important than anything else. I believe Marion Barber needs to win, and that's something this team needs from time to time. Just not as the lead back.
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    slow down. Barber was performing like a 1st rounder when he was being paid like a 4th rounder. I want his role to be re-evaluated as well...but easy on suggesting Jerry looks silly and desperate when it comes to Barber....because if you are going to say that, you also say he looked pretty smart when Barber looked like a 1st rounder while being paid like a 4th rounder.
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    The fact is you usually cannot have it all, even if you win the Super Bowl. The Steelers won the O-Line last year with a horrendous O-Line. Helps that their defense was one of the best we've seen in quite some time, their QB didn't get hurt, and they play in a relatively easy division (something we tend to overlook).

    We said not too long ago that we couldn't find a RB under Jerry, and we did. Couldn't improve the O-Line under Jerry (remember how awful it was in 2002-2004?) and we did. Couldn't move to a 3-4, and we did.

    GM isn't the problem.

    And it doesn't matter because he's not stepping down from GM anyway.

    But that doesn't matter because I want to know why the other 25 teams couldn't do better than Dallas and why Dallas has one of the best records in the league over the past 5 years.

    Can't roll sixes on every throw. Try to make more good decisions than bad and adjust when things don't work out. I think the Cowboys have done that.

    You do realize we lost to a 12-4 team that was undefeated at home and had a week off?


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