Autographs by Cowboy players?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CrazyCowboy, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. CrazyCowboy

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    Damn, I was so naive to believe our Cowboy players were so nice to come over and sign autographs for us fans. Now I read this crap, and I have doubts. What do you Zoners think about this? Is it just for the super star players to have autograph committments in their contracts or only the idiots like TO?

    I still say Roy Williams is just being nice to the fans.....the guy is Super nice!
  2. Gordon

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    I can't really answer your question about whether players are obligated or not, but I'm pretty sure Roy is just a nice guy. I've heard many stories about his interaction with fans, but this one sticks at the most. I read it back in February and it was just one fans account, but this Falcon fan was at the Pro Bowl and said Roy Williams was by far the nicest of all the players. He stuck around long after the game signing for everyone, not just Cowboys fans.
  3. Dat mans bro

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    I read that one too about the Falcons fan. But I don't believe they all have thet stipulation in their contracts. Some guys such as Roy are really nice guys that know they are nothign without fans. Roy comes over everytime he goes to his car the night before the game and signs for just about everyone.

    Roy is not the only one. I remember one year, I went to the Cowboys hotel while they were in D.C and waitied until like 9 pm for players. although most players stayed upstairs in their room, Emmitt came down at 9. Then sat in the lobby and signed every remaining fans items and took pictures. Now I know he was not obligated to do that!

    Terrell probably has it written in since he has a bad rep? who knows.
  4. Tricked

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    i've been to one of roys autograph signing events, and he was really nice, i see him as being the type of person that would do it anyways, but doing signing events would have to be crazy, the lines were huge, i can understand why some players wouldn't want to do them
  5. DA FAN

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    I have to believe our Cowboys players do it because they want to. I've been to several camps and have noticed that players sign after some practices and don't after other practices. This tells me that when they don't it's probably because they might be hurt or tired, have something a little more pressing to go take care of, etc. For the most part, they all signed on a regular basis. A troublemaker like T.O. and his BIG EGO, I could see where the team would NEED to include such a requirement in his Contract, because that's the only way he would do it.

    That's a great pic of you and Jerry!
  6. TwoDeep3

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    I have never understood autograph seeking. I have met quite a few Dallas Cowboys and celebrities. And I have yet to ask any of them to sign anything.

    I don't need a signature to validate I met someone who most likely has skid marks in their underwear.

    Just like the rest of us.
  7. Chief

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    I like to get books signed by authors and I've had a couple of photographs signed.

    But I don't get the whole autograph frenzy thing either ... adults jumping up and down, screaming and holding out a little piece of paper and a pen.

    I'd rather they draw me a picture ... ya know, something a little more personal.
  8. DA FAN

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  9. cowboy101

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    I really would not be suprised if they had signing autographs in their contract. I know they have those types of things in other sports, but normally is done in the form of a contract with the merchandise they are signing.
  10. kmp77

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    One heck of a visual..........thanks................ :D
  11. Gordon

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    I'm not one for autographs either. The only time I'd ask for one is if it was a marquee player, and I had his jersey handy, which would be framed.
  12. BlueWave

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    I could see a kid wanting an autograph, but I would never ask for another mans autograph unless it was on a check or he wanted mine in return.

    But for kids, they just love to be able to show and tell people who they met. That's great.

    As far as the athletes wanting to sign them, I can see it both ways. It has to be aggravating to sign something for an adult, as he clicks his camera, knowing he is going to attempt to sell the item and make money off the signature. That's sorry IMO. If I was an athlete, that would bother me. Although, I've heard these scrubs send kids up to athletes to get things signed too, while they snap the picture from a distance.
  13. zack

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    I don't think they are obligated to do it. As a matter of fact, I have been at their hotel in Detroit with other Cowboy fans and Roy Williams has refused to sign things. Bummer. I don't blame the players because so many times their signed items end up on Ebay. I always found if you ask to have your name on the item, they are more willing to do it. It worked for me when I asked Joey Galloway to sign. Didn't work on Emmitt though! :banghead:
  14. ratpower

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    I think they sign on their own...however I did notice that Jerry puts the cold drinks where the fans are this year and there were more of them signing at camp as opposed to last yr...
  15. luvtheboys

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    Years ago I used to go to the same church as Roger Staubach. It always bothered me to see people hounding him for autographs in the parking lot. It's one thing when players are involved in footbal related activities, but I've always thought that they should be allowed to have personal time without constantly being bothered.

    That said, I cherish the autographed picture I have of Troy Aikman with my son and the football signed by Leon Lett, Charles Haley, Tony Tolbert, and Robert Jones from training camp '93.
  16. LSUAmy

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    I'm not a big fan of autographs either... I prefer taking photos with athletes/celebrities. To me, they are more memorable.
  17. The Fonz

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    Nice website u got man
  18. Scotman

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    The NFL is an entertainment business. I think all of the players have some type of responsibility to do this sort of thing. Whether it's autograph signing or celebrity golf or whatever.

    That said, it doesn't undermine your experience that Roy was a nice guy. He could have signed autographs for hours and you could've still walked away completely unimpressed if it was obvious he was a jerk. Just because they do it does not mean they come across well doing it.
  19. TruBlueCowboy

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    I think the business of waiting and shoving in crowds for autographs should be left to the kids. I'd feel a little awkward at my age doing that, but it was great fun when I was a kid and they were my role models.

    I don't collect autographs but I wouldn't mind one of those team balls with all the signatures of players on a certain year's team, or maybe a Doomsday themed one with all the Doomsday members. I remember a picture several years ago that had all the famous Cowboys QBs over the year posing together. It was LeBaron, Meredith, Staubach, Aikman, White, and Morton I think. I wouldn't mind owning that picture autographed by all of 'em. :cool:
  20. CrazyCowboy

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    LSUAmy, I hear ya. I used to love getting autographs until I matured at 40 years old....yea it took me a little longer then most folks. Anyhow, I enjoy shaking their hand and taking a photo of them if they do not mind of course.

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