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    I'm only going through the first 11 picks as of this moment since I'm supposed to be working. :)

    1. San Francisco 49ers - Alex Smith, QB, Utah

    The right choice. He's got more upside than Rogers and is young, smart and willing to learn. San Franscisco is in such dire straits that he will likely be beaten up the first few years but will develop into a solid and effecitve NFL QB.

    2. Miami Dolphins - Ronnie Brown, RB, Auburn

    They need a RB and Brown beats out Cedric as the pick. He's got less wear on the tires plus has the best size/speed ratio of the prospects. Saban is well-aware of his SEC counterparts.

    3. Cleveland Browns - Derrick Johnson, LB, Texas

    Romeo's goes straight to defense for his inaugural pick and selects the playmaking OLB. Some will call this a bit high but this draft is anyone's guess and DJ sparks management's fancy. Immediate starter for a defense in need of some help.

    4. (Projected Trade) Washington Redskins - Braylon Edwards, WR, Michigan

    Danny Boy gets his man but at the cost of his #9 pick and #25. Cleveland gives their 2006 2nd round pick up as also. There will be debate in DC as to whether MW or BE should get the nod but Redskins brass prefer the Wolverine over the Trojan. He'll give some much needed weapons to the Redskins offense for Ramsey to throgh to.

    5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Mike Williams, WR, USC

    Gruden breathes a sigh of relief and gets his redzone threat. Teamed with last year's pick (Clayton from LSU), they now have two big WR's with decent speed and great hands. The running game is still a question mark though they'll burn that bridge later in the first day.

    6. Tennessee Titans - Antrel Rolle, CB, West Virginia

    With secondary a need, they select the Miami product with all the tools necessary to become a Pro Bowl player in the NFL. He'll be an immediate starter and a big help to a team where playmakers are needed after the salary cap got the best of them.

    7. Minnesota Vikings - Troy Williamson, WR, North Carolina St.

    Some label it is a mild reach but with the Vikes gunning for a Super Bowl run, WR is a need and Williamson is the best left on the board. Some teams have him on par or better than Edwards and Williams so to nab him at #7 should not be considered a stretch.

    8. Arizona Cardinals - Aaron Rodgers, QB, California

    The day's first free-fall comes courtesty of the Jeff Tedford pupil. He'll have the chance to succeed in Arizona though with a renewed team and Dennis Green as coach. It helps that he has some weapons such as Fitzgerald, Boldin and Bryant Johnson as well. McNown is a career backup while Rodgers can generate wins.

    9. (from Washington) Chicago Bears - Cedric Benson, RB, Texas

    The Bears pull the first coup of the day by getting their man at a lower salary and gaining a first round pick in the process. Thomas Jones is a worthy RB but Benson can be a great RB. He'll be a workhorse for a team that has had a revolving door at a key position.

    10. Detroit Lions - Thomas Davis, S/LB, Georgia

    Mariucci gets his version of Roy Williams-lite via the Bulldog deciple. With secondary a need, look for Davis to stay in the SS position and be a solid player for a rapidly improving team.

    11. Dallas Cowboys - Shawne Merriman, DE/LB, Maryland

    "Lights Out" arrives in Dallas via the #11 pick. With rare athletcism and size, Merriman will be able to play with his hand on the ground or as a rush LB. Look for him to drop to about 260 and create a pass rush we haven't had since the mid-90's.
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    LA'S TOP 11 MOCK:

    1 - ALEX SMITH - SF











    :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed:
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    I love the nickname. "Lights out" an instant classic.

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