Video: Awesome Larry Allen Highlights

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by viman96, Jul 26, 2013.

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    It can be argued he's the best lineman ever...
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    Back when Nate Newton was still on the radio he told a pretty cool story about Larry Allen... well, several cool behind the scene stories, but I think the one I'm about to very briefly summarize is my favorite. Hope it's true and hope I'm remembering the details right.

    Newton had already retired by this point... I think he said it was early 2000s or something. Nate said he got a call from another 2013 HOF inductee, Warren Sapp, who was talking all kinds of trash about Larry Allen the week before TB's showdown with Dallas-- talking about how he was going to do this and that and basically just thumping his chest about what he was going to do to Larry Allen and barking like you'll frequently see him do on NFL network. And the funniest part about it is that Sapp called Newton because he wanted Nate to let LA know 'how it was going to be'.

    Of course Nate tells Larry and LA, being a man of few words, said something to the effect of "alright".

    Well, Sunday rolls around and at this point the Cowboys aren't the greatest and I believe TB was fresh off a super bowl win, one of the best defenses in NFL history type team-- they beat the Cowboys pretty soundly.

    But the next day Nate gets a call from a notably quieter, notably humbled Warren Sapp who says something along the lines of "Hey, tell Larry... He's the man."

    I couldn't find that story to confirm it anywhere else in print, so I hope I told it correctly. Anyone else hear this that can confirm?
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    Why on earth didn't he just step aside? Did he WANT to know what it felt like to be hit by a dump truck?
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    49ers Patrick Willis:

    “I saw Larry Allen and I was like, ‘I’m going to put a move on him and go get the ballcarrier. That’s what I did in college,’” Willis said. “I’ll never forget: He pushed me and I swear, I was like I started on one side of the field and ended up on the other side of the field.”

    Willis said that the 49ers’ coaches got on his case about that one, and that part of the humiliation of getting chewed out was that the coaches just barked out his uniform number and his school, as if they weren’t going to bother to learn his name until he showed he belonged.

    “The worst part was hearing my coach say, ’52, Mississippi, what are you doing?’” Willis recalled. “I was like, ‘You see how big this dude is?’”
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    anybody else miss these days? back when we had REAL men on the lines.

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    Man, those biceps are bigger than my thighs!! Awesome, awesome video.
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    Ok since he just finished his speech, I had to watch this again... OMG... no one on the current roster is even in the same universe as LA.

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    No one on any current roster in the NFL is in the same universe as LA. The man is a once in a generation player. I am glad I was able to watch his entire career.
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    Makes me cry especially considering the crapfest we currently have at G, Larry is Beast!
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    Ya know, I am watching that and realizing that I forgot what dominant offensive line play looked like.

    Larry Allen is the best offensive lineman I have ever seen. PERIOD!!!

    END OF STORY!!!!!
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    THIS was one of my favorite cowboys plays ever. It was so sweet watching that superbowl with a steelers fan next to me and them playing that clip over and over. hehe
  14. BrAinPaiNt

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    I have posted this story many times over the years because I feel it is one of the best articles to sum up just how much of a stud Larry was in his day...

    "Oh, it definitely happens; guys will look to find a way out when they have to play him," Strahan said. "The saddest thing is how many players will watch him on film during the week and then, as the game gets closer, they pull up with some mysterious injury or flu or something. We call that catching 'Allen-itis.'"

    It happens more than people know.

    "It's so bad that it's caused some guys to actually get crafty," Sanders said. "Guys aren't going down anymore with an ankle or hamstring on Wednesday. Now guys look ahead on the schedule and make sure they go down with an injury in the third or fourth quarter of the game before they play Dallas.

    "I'm not fooling. If you take a look at all the "injuries" some linemen have had over the years, it's amazing how devastating the Larry Allen syndrome can be."

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