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Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by Hostile, Dec 5, 2004.

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    From a site dedicated to Bob Lilly.


    Roger Staubach displayed as many wonderful qualities as a person as he did as a quarterback. I'm sure no one felt more deeply about our visiting a children's home a Christmas than Roger did. The little girl offering him her cookie knew she had a friend. Roger was compassionate and caring in his everyday life. As a quarterback he was as courageous and competitive as they come. He always believed there was some way to come back and win. And quite often he did.
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    Really cool picture....Wish i would have been alive to see him play :( I've never seen him play, i've just seen highlights and he's by far the best Cowboys IMO. He seemed like a class act guy and a winner.
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    You missed a great one...

    Just as an fyi, there are usually game tapes available on too..

    Great pic Hos..thanks.
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    I wish you coulda been alive to see him play too. Roger and Tom Landry made me the fan I am today. Two class acts both on the field and off the field. When you watched Roger play, your heart would beat out of your chest cuz you knew you were about to see something great happen. Whenever I think back to those days, my heart still races when I think of some of the great passes or hand offs. He was something to watch.
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    Still my favorite Cowboy.'

    Down by 4 with a 2 minutes left, there's no other QB ever i'd rather have.
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    When Roger played... you NEVER walked out of a game early or changed the channel... you knew there was ALWAYS a chance...
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    I watched some film on the Cowboys Channel last week from Staubach's first start in 69 against St Lou.

    There's one good slow-mo clip of him scrambling up the middle, he had the craziest squating, ball hanging loose running style, but he sure was fast.
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    that is sooo true. fans didn't give up in the 3rd or 4th quarter. we hung on to the very end of the game, cuz you never knew when Roger and the boyz would pull out a few tricks... a TD, and onside kick and another TD to when the game with just 2 mins left...

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