Back From T.O.'s Camp Day 1 (pics)

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    Hey everybody, it's Tanin back from T.O.'s camp and with a report.

    DAY 1

    Me and my dad arrived at Birdville Highschool in FortWorth, Texas and met Terrel's publicist, Kim. Me and my dad checked me in and we met up with Eric. We then went to go check out the field and my dad took a picture of me and Eric. I'm the dude on the right.

    Once more kids started to show up, a man shouted that the camp will begin in 5mins. After 5 mins the same man told us to take a seat in the stands so we can get this camp underway. He was no T.O. but he was none other than Byron Williams. He introduced himself and a number of other coaches-

    -Preston Taylor (College, Arena, Pro, LB)
    -Zuriel Smith (Cowboys, Patriots, #87)
    -Roosevelt Collins (Dolphins, Cowboys, Broncos, LB, #54)
    -Donovan Wright (University of North Texas)
    -Dudley Williams (Broncos, #53)
    -Scooter Megruder (Patriots, Dolphins, 49ers, #27)
    -Byron Williams(Director) (Giants, Green Bay, played for Bill)
    -Vershaun Jackson (Chiefs, University of Nebraska, #34)
    -Cedric Toney (Giants, Browns, Falcons)
    -Cliff Odom (Miami, #93)
    -Coach Rosado (College, Arena, Coahing for Arena, weightlifter)
    Appearances by-
    -Larry Brown
    -Ray Crocket
    (These guys were a little late, but stayed till the camp was over)

    I'm sure there were a little more, like colloege guys and arena guys, but I can't remember. After that we went on the field to stretch, led by some female athlete and apparently some stretch professional that also talked to us about eating right and staying fit. Me, Eric, and the other older guys (which was like the whole six of us) were made leaders and stood at the front of the lines facing the youngin's. After that we did our little warm up form running, like high-knees, shuffling, that kinda stuff. After we were done with that, Byron taught us how to runa correct 40 yard dash, how to start and how to run it keeping your body and head low pumping your arms for the first 5-10 yards. He emphasized that pumping your arms was very important-the faster you pump your arms, the faster you will move. When we ran our 40 yard dash, and I ended up making a 4.8 We then went over to do our pro agility and well, I sucked at that making a 5 flat. After that, I don't remember what we did, but I remember lunch. We went into the stadium well, building you can say, a room under the pressbox, some big conference room. We had McDonald's quarter pounder burgers, buffalo wings, bananas, apples, and powerade. I look to Eric and said-"Didn't that lady tell us to eat no more fast food and healthier? And look what they give us-McDonalds." Eric just nodded.

    After lunch, we had the rapp session where the retired NFL players talk to us. Byron spoke to us and spoke of the determination, dedication and the effort it took to make it into the NFL. He said you needed education, never to quit, no matter what and to keep pushing for success. He also taught us G.F.F.-
    He also taught us the ABC's of life-
    A)ttitude-Always have to have a positive attitude
    B)elieve-In yourself
    C)hoices-Always make the right choices
    -I added these for myself-
    D)edication-Always be dedicated
    E)ffort-Always put in the effort to succeed
    F)ootball-Always play football and never give up on it

    After Byron was done talking to us, another NFL pro talked to us...I believe it was Cliff Odom and he talked about never quiting on your dreams. Always chase them and if you don't play and never get any playing time, don't quit. Practice extra hard and even stay a little after practice. He was always the first man on the field and always the last one off.

    After lunch, we returned to the field to start our drills. The coaches divided us into groups all the older guys in one. We started with the stance station. I forget who it was, but he taught us the correct way to line up as a defensive tackle and linebacker. After that we moved on into the catching station. I sucked big time on that one because I can't catch. Sure, I caught a couple over the shoulder ones, but after that-nuh uh. After that we had an 'orange' break. They moved us into the shade and served us orange slices and banana's. The little ones were a real handful and bad, so the coaches put me, eric, and the other older guys in charge of be thier leaders really. After that, we moved back outside to continue our drills. Next was Coach Rosado and offensive linemen drills. After that was a ball carrying drill and quick feet drill. After that was an agility drill, and the whole time, my dad said I looked great. I had perfect form and looked well-proffesional. Until the catching part of the drill. I sucked at that one too.
    After that drill, we had a break and was time for 7on7.

    I was on Vershaun Jackson's team and was put at nosetackle at defense and a guard on offense. Pffft. Anyway, it was still fun. They put a 12 year old up against me when I played defense and I don't why they did because I blew that kid up. And I think we won that one.

    It was late in the day and the camp was suppose to be over for the day and still no Terrel. The little ones were restless always shouting and crying "Where's T.O.? Where's T.O.?" me and the other big guys had to make sure they were quiet and remained seated in the lobby part of the stadium, the front gate you can say. Finally, after so much waiting and irritation from a bunch of screaming little kids, he arrived. Followed by a mob of paparazzies and camera crew he walked in to see the kids. Of course the kids flooded him and wanted to touch him. Some kids were so excited to even touch his hand. Come on, it's not like youre going to turn into gold or anything if you touch him. After that he spoke to us a bit and came with us out onto the field and threw the ball to us. I have to say, Eric did a great job of never dropping the ball. Me on the other hand, if there were an award for never catching the ball, I would be in the hall of fame.

    When T.O. was running the drill with us, he spotted a kid with a Philly Eagle hat and with an irritated look on his face said-"Man, why you wearin' that out here?!" he then yanked the hat off his head and crumpled it up, throwing it on the field. But he did give the kid a new hat, the T.O. camp hat. After he was finished with us and wanted to move on into the little kid group, he kicked the eagle hat and said-"Kick that hat off the field!" I have to say it was pretty funny when he did that.
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    Nice report Tanin.

    Loved the fast food commentary. You've got a great self depricating humor about you. I was also told that you made a great first impression on some of the coaches there because of your demeanor and maturity.

    Sounds to me like you did yourself proud even if you can't catch. Hey, not everyone can be a WR. Do like your sig line says and knock the QBs on their butts.
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    That was a nice report, Tanin...and it sounds like you had a good time! If you see that lady again, ask her "What's up with McDonalds food, woman"! Tell her you guys need steak and roast chicken! :)

    Good come across as a real fine youngster! Keep it up!

    Here are five Stars for you and Eric...

    :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin
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    Great report....thanks
  5. Clove

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    Outstanding report. Wish I was a kid again..
  6. BrAinPaiNt

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    Agreed great report.

    Oh and a line from a song that Frank Sinatra used to sing.

    "Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you, When your Young at Heart" :cool:
  7. Yeagermeister

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    Good to see you had a great time
  8. Big Dakota

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    Very interesting read!! Glad to see you guys had some pros out there teaching. Thanks, i enjoyed it. :)
  9. iceberg

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    thanks for the report - but once again, thanks to hos for organizing it and thanks to all the zoners who made it possible for these kids to get that experience!
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    lol, loved the report

    especially the part about the kids being irritating and the turning into gold part
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    Another nice report. Both Eric and Tanin, good job.
  12. hipfake08

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    Thank you for taking the time to write the report.
    Very nice.:bow:
    Hope you had a great time and we see you got some good pictures.

    Also you may want to submit this as the What I did on my Summer Vacation!
  13. Tanin T.

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    Thanks, be sure to check them out ;)
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    Good stuff. The hat stuff was funny. I am glad TO showed up to help you guys. I went to a basketball camp about 12 years ago run by a member of the Houston Rockets and he showed up once a week and did not even talk to us. He just stood off to the side shooting 3's the whole time.

    I can't wait for the ESPN spin of "TO assaults young Eagle's fan...destroys property."
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    Hey man, I had a good time. I like how our reports are both varied in ways. I'm glad you remembered everybody's name because I sure didn't. Anyway, ttyl man.
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    Ellison Eagles, eh? Cool.
  17. TheSkaven

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    Yeah, I'm sure people will jump all over this with "ah-ha! look how he treated that poor kid" but really, what the heck is that kid doing wearing an Eagles' hat to a TO camp?

    Thanks for the report, I am glad the members here could send you.
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    My dad actually found a paper with all the retired player's names on it and the other coaches thwere there, I just copyed off of it lol. Yeah I had a great time, and wow youre quite the chatter box on the site....wish you were like this at the camp.

    Um, by Tanin not Tass lol
  19. Tanin T.

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    I wrote this, just not logged as me ..doh! :banghead:

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