Back from the game... thoughts.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cwbyfan72, Sep 19, 2006.

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    Back in VA today and wanted to reflect. I'll make it short because my typing skills are horrid!

    1. Defense played lights out. Can't say enough about Ware. One play that sticks out is watching him line up on the right, motion all the way across the line, and fly in around the tackle for a sack or pressure..I can't remember(beers). If any one has footage of this play, please post it!
    2.Our running game seemed to be much improved. There were two huge gains called back for stupid penalties. Which leads me to #3,
    3. Freakin refs were ridiculous. There were like 6 penalties in both teams respective opening drives. Not to mention some BS personal fouls.
    4.Bledsoe was pretty sharp besides an ill advised throw that should have been picked off. Other than that, we counted all the dropped passes from our playmakers, and Bledsoes stats would have been sick.
    5. Crowd noise was OK. Seems when they decide to pump up the crowd during commercial breaks, everyone is pupmed up and loud as hell. But by the time play resumed, we're freakin spent!
    6.Lastly, we usually stay at a hotel that has a shuttle service, but couldnt this year due to the hotel being booked up. We stayed at Omni Park West and took a cab. After the game, we waited 1 hour and 15 min to finally get a cab. Never again.
    Great trip and great win. :)
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    Thanks bro I bet you had a good time

    which player or players impressed you the most?
    any pictures?
  3. cwbyfan72

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    no pics, just with phone. I was impressed by our defense as a whole. Those guys were flyin around the ball.
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    I just got back too and unfortunately, I only took pics with my phone too. I forgot to bring my camera :banghead: . I lucked up and got amazing seats and really wanted to get some good pics. I was extremely impressed by Ware too. I remember the play that you are talking about and it was crazy how he turned the corner. I focused on him most of the game and he is a player that you have to see in person to really appreciate. I always thought he was a great player, but in person is a little more impressive. He did look to be a little tired towards the end of the game, but I don't think he gets much rest, so its to be expected. My friend is a redskin fan and all game he kept saying "I hate number 94".

    Another player that impressed me was Hatcher. I have had extremely high hopes for him ever since I saw his highlight video. There just aren't may 290 pound guys with the agility that he has. I didn't expect much from him this year, but I think he is developing into a very good pass rusher.

    Newman, Julius and Roy also stood out. Sean Taylor is a great player too. Even though he plays for the enemy, I can appreciate his talent. If he gets control of himself, he is going to be a great player for them.

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