Back-up Running Backs In Draft ?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by kiheikiwi, Mar 27, 2005.

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    Need help on this one, Knowing that we will need a back-up to spell Julius (who, if he stays healthy,WILL have a monster year). A couple of guys that sound great, but I know nothing about- are Eric Shelton and Kay jay Harris. Big backs to bang up the middle to offset Jullius.
    Don't know where they are projected to go, 3rd, 4th, or 5th round? I'm hopeing Bikerstaff makes it back after his arcilles(spelling)? rupture last year, but these guys seem to me to be what we should be looking at! Any body know about these guys or others in the later rounds? And dont say Clarret, not interested.
    If Rivera is healthy, and we can find an answer for right tackle (draft Brown with a trade down from#20), if feasible. Our offensive line looks real good both starters and depth,which I think Bill is quietly building up on both sides of the ball.
    Look forward to some input...
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    some running backs that could be there in the 5th or 6th round.
    1. vernand morency 4.38
    2. frank gore 4.50
    3.t.a. mclendon 4.45
    4. damien nash 4.34
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    Personally, I'd trade for Najeh Davenport (Green Bay RB/FB)
    He's a RFA that would only cost a 4th rounder.
    You're not getting a better back than him in the 4th round.
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    Quickdraw, I like the Davenport idea, but would Green Bay really let him go? They would be nuts if they did. I kinda like the idea of another young, big back to put with Jullius, - I also like the idea of Anderson as a player/ coach in the back field. Smart player,good character= valuable person on squad. If he does indeed hang it up, we need to keep him, as he will be a great coach with time.

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