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    From the sports section, NOT written by an Eagles fan.
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    Line Of Scrimmage: Week 16 - NFL Should Ban "Horsecollar" Tackles

    POSTED: 7:07 pm CST December 22, 2004

    By Tony Moss, NFL Editor Philadelphia, PA -- *** Line of Scrimmage: Week 16 - NFL Should Ban "Horsecollar" Tackles ***

    Whether you like Terrell Owens or despise him, when word came down Monday that Owens would likely miss the rest of the season due to injuries suffered in the previous day's win over the Cowboys, you had to feel a touch of disappointment.

    There are many, including a wealth of folks in San Francisco, Dallas and Baltimore, who would enjoy seeing Owens fall flat on his face on the big stage. But that means dropping a critical pass to lose the game, not breaking a fibula and spraining an ankle to jeopardize the immediate future of his team.

    I am paid to be an objective observer of the league, but even I was sick to my stomach as I heard Philadelphia trainer Rick Burkholder break the solemn news. No true fan wants to see one of the league's most electrifying players wiped from the lineup by something like this.

    Then I flashed back to Week 11, when the same player that tackled Owens, namely Cowboys safety Roy Williams, applied the same "horse-collar" technique in bringing down Ravens running back Musa Smith. Smith's day ended with a compound fracture of his right tibia, a positively gruesome injury for both the player and anyone unlucky enough to have witnessed it. Williams has now been responsible for as many broken bones as interceptions this season, and while no one is accusing him of intending to inflict injury, the thoroughly unlikable Williams wasn't NOT trying to inflict injury either. Know what I'm saying?

    Whether necessary or not, Williams gets a pass for the bone-snappings because both hits were technically legal. But should they have been?

    Bringing a player down from behind by the neck or shoulders obviously places a great deal of force on the ball carrier's legs. And because the hit is generally applied from behind or the blind side, the player being tackled is unable to prepare to be dropped as he would with a more conventional tackle. The risk of injury with a hit of this type is great, and a league that preaches safety for its players needs to take notice.

    The NFL limits face masks, blocks in the back, crackback blocks, and chop blocks due to the risk of injury, and also penalizes players for late hits and tackles out of bounds. The league fines players who make helmet-to-helmet contact or throw forearms, like Jacksonville's Donovin Darius did to Green Bay's Robert Ferguson last week. Darius was fined $75,000 for his hit.

    Is the horsecollar tackle more dangerous than a forearm? Maybe you should ask Owens, who will be hobbling around on crutches while Ferguson recovers from his sprained neck to suit up for the playoffs.

    Enforcing a mandate against this type of tackle would require some deliberation by the league. The tackling of a ball carrier from behind is as common as the man in motion, and pulling a player down by the jersey is not a dirty or dangerous hit in and of itself. A period of adjustment would be required so that players and officials could learn the subtle differences between what is acceptable and what is dangerous.

    But if the league doesn't do something, it is going to watch as more standout players like Owens suffer a premature end to their seasons, or worse, their careers.
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    Not too observant are we,

    By Tony Moss, NFL Editor Philadelphia, PA :iggles:
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    This writer is an idiot. There have been countless players tackled in the same manner. Some have been injured others have not. Any time a player is tackled or there is a pile up along the offensive and defensive lines, there is a chance for injury. Are they going to outlaw every single thing that makes up football? And this is the first time I have ever heard that Roy was an unlikable guy. This guy is a whiner.
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    Next they will want to ban tackling below the waist :rolleyes:
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    To the author of the article: Here is a cry towel for your sniveling and *****ing about horsecollar tackling. You talk about BS, no one cried one bit for the other players that got tackled/injuried, but low and behold TO gets injuried and now it's a public outcry. Whatever, injuries are part of the game and sometimes they are gruesome. If you don't want to be injuried don't suit up and play.

    RW keep the good tackles/hits coming bro! :skins:
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    LMAO. One writers opinion is above several others that disagree with him as long as it supports your claim huh?
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    hey mcnabbmcsucksmcnow I have a great idea. How about the NFL doesnt allow teams to have a defense. Only the offense is allowed on the field. If someone on offense gets tackled they could get hurt. Or how about making it a 25 yard penalty to tackle a WR after he catches the ball.
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    ***? I never heard anyone use these words to describe Williams, ever. What horseshat. Screw this guy.
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    I noticed that one too. This guy lost all credibility with that comment. This is obviously something personal at some level.
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    oh and mcnabbmcsucksmcnow I have something for you.


    This is what the Igglez trophy case will look like again after this season is over ha ha hah aha!
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    The fact that you found another whining Eagles fan to cry in harmony with doesn't make it illegal. The guy is a writer from Philly, where as you know they hate the Cowboys with a passion, and he's bent because Owens got hurt. Big deal, him and everyone else in Philly. That doesn't make the play illegal, it just means the writer is yet another in a long line of whiny *****es. How many players are hurt each year because of that tackle? Don't tell me about the 3 players this year without doing some other research. How many EACH YEAR for the past 5 years or so have been hurt that way? Because Roy isn't the only one tackling like that. Provide some data, not some snivelling and wailing, and maybe something will change. Until then just shut the **** up.
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    I agree with this guy. We should also ban tackling anywhere around the legs because it could injure a player's leg. Also we should ban the dreaded waist tackle due to the possible hip pointer that one could get from that. Also, using ones shoulder to block is definitly out because you could injure that part of your body as well. We also need to crack down on all of this defense. There are not enough pass interference penatlies so the new rule is that you cannot touch a reciever before, during or after the ball is in the air. Making any kind of contact with the wr during the play is strictly forbidden. If the wr catches the ball then he is entitled to a touchdown. Also, while we are at we need to crack down on this silly idea of sacking the qb. What gives players the right to touch a Qb. Also, the running backs should get a pass as well. Anytime you run the ball. you are exempt from being tackled. We have to protect these guys. Anyway, I whole heartedly agree with the guy who wrote this article.

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    Here's a string quartet playing "My Heart Bleeds For You."

    :violin: :violin: :violin: :violin:
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    Actually, I can't think of anyone else that DOES tackle by grabbing the back collar of the shoulder pads. Oh well, sucks for TO just like it did for Theisman(doesn't ryme with Heisman).

    SALADIN Jumper

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The next generation in mandatory NFL game day equipment.

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    It happens all the time. WHenever a player is behind the play they tackle like that.
  17. jimmy40

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    Bs, prove it.
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    Even so.... even if it does happen all the time... a couple broken legs out of 1,000's of "horsecollar" tackles and you want to "ban" it??? You can't even get a car recalled with that few incidents... it's JUST NOT WORTH THE TIME!

    That it happened to TO and there is this outcry about it says even more about this type of tackle... it's not how you did it, it's who you did it to. No one was screaming about the other two guys earlier... especially not some sniveling snot from Philthadelphia.
  19. Irving Cowboy

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    As a matter of fact... I might just make an investment in this... Roy tackles T.O.
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    "Wasn't NOT trying to inflict injury?" Since when did this become a prerequisite for tackling? Maybe Roy should have stripped naked, tossing flower petals in front of Owens, trying to negotiate TO to stop.

    I tell you what -- I'm sure Roy Williams is the most concerned player in the NFL about preventing injuries to his opponents'. Before every play, I'm sure Roy Williams is woofin':

    "You best not catch that ball! You better not come across the middle. You will get hurt! If you wanna remember how to tie your shoes, you best not run that slant."

    If TO and other players don't want to get injured, they shouldn't run patterns in his area. How's that? Screw outlawing tackling, outlaw running patterns into his area.

    Don't wanna throw interceptions? Don't throw it to Deion...don't wanna get injured, stay away from Roy Williams.

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